Friday, September 07, 2012

An Update On Mother's House

Dear Friends,
Since first announcing "Mother's House", several people have kindly stepped forward showing interest in helping. Much has happened since that initial notice went out and my goals have changed somewhat.
Attached is a story printed in "Kinship", the Glenmary Quarterly Newsletter, showing the progress of Sr. Darlene's project. (just click on the pictures to read the story)  Many hands made light work. Mother's House is up and running now. 
At this point, I am hoping that on-going needs can be met through occasional donations towards a Walmart gift card. As you know, clothing and baby/children's needs can be hit and miss in a thrift center so it is my hope that gift cards can be used to fill in on some of these needs.
I plan to go to Walmart soon and send Sr. Darlene our first gift card in about ten days. If you can donate at this time, please let me know in the comment column.  And, please be sure to include an email so I can send you my address.   If you would like a receipt for your donation, just let me know and I will send you one. Donations are definitely tax deductible because Mother's House is part of Sr. Darlene's ministry in this very impoverished area of the US.
Thank you all and God Bless You,

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