Monday, September 24, 2012

Anza Borrego Collage 1971

Anza Borrego Collage 1971 by AnnieElf
Anza Borrego Collage 1971, a photo by AnnieElf on Flickr.
I have found two new photo editing software sites this week. PicMonkey, which is a great replacement for Picnik, found it's way to me late last week. Last night I ran across something called ipiccy. I thought it was an app for phones only. Then I checked it out more carefully and found that it was like PicMonkey on steroids. I played with one of the collage templates this morning using pictures taken of me back in 1971. Sepia, a touch of pink on the cheeks and airbrushing softened the overall effect.


Janet said...

Beautiful, Annie!! And thanks for the site tips.

Pam said...

Great effect. So good to see these photos of you Annie - beautiful!!

jet1960 said...

Love the collage! Beautiful pics! Will have to check out the photo editing software.

Jeanie said...

These are really fun. Love the technique and the pix ofyou!

see you there! said...

Great photo collage, I don't know beans about photo editing but I may give this site a try.


nonizamboni said...

Look at you! I'm pretty sure we would have been friends back then too...ah, youth.
Thanks for the collage sites too.