Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harvest Festival Car Show


Harvest Festival Car Show, a set on Flickr.

Who doesn't love a classic car show? I love to see these old beauties. My sentimental favorite is always a '55 T-Bird and especially a red one. I used to have one of these babies.


Felisol said...

Some stunning festivals you're having. I love the cars, and the pictures are also very well composed. I know from trying, it's hard to find the right angel to display all the qualities of the car. You've made them looking so well.
I hope I can show Gunnar's car on the road again in a few weeks. He's finally found time to put some hours in the restoring of the MG.
The pride of the family.

Tash said...

Wow, Annie! What gorgeous cars! There is something about an old car that modern cars just don't have - though I am glad for the ease of use of modern cars :)

It looks like you're having a lovely time - please keep posting photos, it's so interesting to see festivals like this.

Jeanie said...

Annie, this looks like lots of fun! And so colorful!

Pam said...

Wish you had a photo of you and the '55 T-Bird when you had one! So much fun. Great photos Annie - you go to some fun places!

Gerald Reeves said...

What a nostalgic festival! No wonder your favorite is the ’55 T-Bird; it’s just a magnificent ride! Hey, did you know that its logo came from the North American Mythological Indian bird that produces rain, lightning, and thunder? =)