Monday, September 03, 2012

Newman Fall Festival

Newman Fall Festival, a set on Flickr.
Newman's traditional time for the fall festival is Labor Day weekend. I drove out with Marie. Adrian's family had a food booth. Their first. The Silida Festival people came by and liked their Mexican food so much, they invited them to put up a booth at their festival. Cool. Salida has a one type of food booth rule so they will be the only Mexican booth there in and amongst the other food booths. This is exciting for Abel and Griselda and will be a nice part-time job for Griselda.


Lulu said...

hope you had a great weekend..

foxysue said...

Thanks for taking us along, my love especially tuned into the classics! x

Felisol said...

I can clearly see you had a great feast. I love the American way of celebrating, food, cars, family and handicraft; all in summer sceneries.
We have autumn by now, even if I'm not quite willing to admit it.
favourite? The Gran Torino sport!

sandy said...

Love those purses. Classic cars - always nice to see too!