Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time and Patience

I'm checking in a bit early from my self-imposed retreat because I really wanted to share this now.

Back in May (that seems so long ago),  I met Valerie and discovered that my brown thumb was a brilliant emerald green when it came to succulents. 

The soil filled spa (non-functional for years and non-fixable) in the backyard had gone through a variety of floral incarnations, none of which were successful. Then I discovered succulents and a love story began. Over the summer, I added to my collection. Valerie, Lowe's and cuttings from friends all conspired to come together to form my sweet green corner.

Succulents are so much fun.  You can plant them in anything; they just get better and better.  I have them in hanging baskets, hypertufa containers, old vases, colanders,  bottle crates, and peanut cans.  What's next?  Well, I have these old boots . . . . hmmmm.

So Farmer's Market season is over until next May when the cycle starts again.  It is beginning to drop into the 40's here at night now so I'm intending to put up stakes in the four corners of "the spa" and cover the area at night to guard against frost.  The 40's will drop to 30 or less soon and I want all my little lovelies to survive to spring so I can share BLOOMS with you.


Pam said...

So pleased to see you back Annie, as valuable as a retreat is,- I've missed you.
Succulants have some beautiful flowers - I often admire the many varities in our Adelaide Botanical Gardens. I like what you've done with your succulant corner.

gma said...

Love the spa planter.
Great idea to try old boots or shoes. They would be so charming.
The weather is just getting nice enough here to start a winter garden...probably in pots for me since I don't have time to dig a veggie plot. LOVE

Annmarie Pipa said...

I have never tried growing these before. good for you!! I love my flowers..we put the planters in the garage during the winter and many times I have summer flowers for Mary in the winter time!!!!
I am praying for the outcome of this election right along with you....

sandy said...

I love succulents.

I brought my Jade plant to the mountains and forgot to cover it or protect it (it's quite big in a pot) and it didn't fair well at all with some snow fall we had last week.

I'll know better from now on.