Saturday, November 24, 2012


What evokes the sense of time's passage more immediately than a train speeding through the night?  It's power, it's relentless and unstoppable force draws our attention away from the moment and resets our focus onto a future hurdling at us and then away from us.  And then abruptly, as unexpectedly as its attack on the moment occurs, it speeds away into the night and all is normal, quiet and at peace once again.


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Pear tree cottage! said...

Hi Annie, I watched a show on TV would you believe last night and America I am sure they said send almost all thier goods and produce around the country by train....So your coffee in the morning has travelled your country, along with your flour to your baker, or suger to your sweets factory....So I would say that watching a train rushing towards you and then off into the darkness would be a moment that your needs and the needs of many others have simply gone by without even knowing it.....a little like life realy. hugs Lee-Ann