Saturday, November 10, 2012

Treasure Hunting on Backroads

IMG_1166 by AnnieElf
IMG_1166, a photo by AnnieElf on Flickr.
I spotted this shrine last week and finally got back out there today. Usually a simple cross and simple adornments mark the spot at a roadside shrine but lately I've been finding many that are much more elaborate. There was nothing to identify who the unfortunate one was who was killed here but this memorial is truly extra special. Like the shrine I found HERE,  this one was surrounded by a garden.  The family literally planted roses and set rocks out the define the area.  

This was also a Christmas shopping day and Bella Viva Orchards is a good option.  If you like sending dried fruits, check out their website.  This small local business is located in Hughson and gathers all of their fruits and nuts from local producers.  We are so lucky to live in an agricultural community.  The fresh produce options are endless.

And finally, what says Fall/Winter better than a Pomegranate tree arrayed in its full red glory?


Pam said...

Such a beautifully maintained shrine. The light looks very pretty in that photo.
Pomegranites are supposed to have a spiritual connection in some cultures- early Persian? Islamic? They are also supposed to be good in fabric dying though I have never tried, not having found a tree locally. Lovely examples in your photos Annie.

foxysue said...

lovely to go along the backroads in your neck of the woods, certainly different to anything we see in the UK.

Have a good week Annie. x

Jeanie said...

This is one of the loveliest shrines I've ever seen. And I love your shopping venue! perfect!