Thursday, November 01, 2012

What Do You Want Of Me, God?

I got a call today from my priest telling me of a woman who needed friendship and comfort.  She was a person of diminished capacity, had breast cancer, was totally alone and needed company; someone to reach out to her.  I was told she was at a behavioral treatment center but didn't know much more than that.   I decided to go visit but felt awkward and edgy.  I really didn't know what to expect.  What I found was something I would have never thought of.  I arrived to find myself visiting a secured and locked down facility.  She was a very broken human being.
Some people just don't seem to get any breaks in life.  A dead brother.  Another brother not in her life.  An invalid mother.  A disappeared father.  Two children.  One grandchild.  Beatings. Alcohol and drugs. Mental health issues.  A desperately rough life crossing the generations.  She is an intelligent woman with much suffering in her life.  Following the threads of a conversation was easy.
A few minutes into our visit we learned the Fr.  . . . .  had arrived.  That is when I remembered that he had said he would try to get over there but I had forgotten all about that possibility.  We talked about getting a phone number to her that she needed and had lost.  We talked about follow-up visits and seeing her at the hospital after her surgery.  I don't know how easy that will but I'll try.
Meeting a person like her is an object reminder of how blessed I am in my life.  Writing this will  serve as a remind to me that when God spoke through the Holy Spirit, I managed to actually be paying attention, listen and act.  Thank you, God.  What next?


Bee's Blog said...

God send us where we need to be, to be with those who cannot fend for themselves and to give them hope. We are his warriors.

trailbee said...

We live in an incredible world, Anne. Thanks for going.

foxysue said...

Thank you Annie for the kindness you have shown to one of our sisters.
Jesus said "as you did it to one of these, the least of my brothers, you did it to me".

Blessings to you.x

sandy said...

so glad you were listening to go to her.