Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out and about here and there

Who knew that buying floor mats for a Jeep Patriot could be such a hassle?  To the left is Kris' "new" Jeep, a 2009 Patriot Limited.  We went to Auto Zone, selected the mats and were in and out in less than ten minutes.  Twenty minutes later we were still trying to get them to fit in satisfactorily.  Several cuts to the sides later, they fit.  Mission accomplished and off we go.

Yesterday I discovered a new shop downtown call 

 "Emporium". I have a table I want to paint with chalk paint and I discovered her store and found some goodies.  Not only was Dana very nice but her mom was in the shop too, busily at work waxing a red chalk painted chair.  Here's Dana, my friend Marie, and Dana's mom.
The other nice discovery (my hubby would disagree) was the surprisingly good prices they had attached to many of their already painted pieces they had for sale.  Case in point - the pretty little table below with a real marble top.  Price - $20.00  I brought it home with me.  I don't know if Don has spotted it yet.  I've sort of disguised it.  HeeHee.

Earlier, brother David called at 7 a.m.  I was still non-functional but a strong brew at Starbucks solved the problem.  Also, anytime I have a chance for backroading and enjoying fog, well, I wake up really fast.  The photo ops are endless.

The rider was just a speck, a dim light in the distance,  when I first spotted him coming.   Lucky me - I got him just right as he sped by quiet as a cat in the fog.

We drove on and found a low rider (my word) windmill
Yet another roadside shrine  

a gang graffiti covered abandoned building in Ballico 
(a little dot on the map unincorporated town), 

An almond orchard bedded down with hay and ready for spring

Eerie moments of light as the world awakens

 And finally a blinking red light at a stop sign posted at just the right intersection leading us from somewhere to elsewhere, showing us the way home.


Ginny said...

The almond orchard with hay and the windmill, all the moody fog, love this post!!

Janet said...

I like all your "fog" photos...we don't see much fog where I am. I think it makes things look ethereal and mystical.

BrittArnhild said...

Emporium looks like a wonderful place.

Have a nice Sunday.

judie said...

Oh my gosh, you got that table for twenty bucks???!!! I am so jealous. I love finding little shops and great deals like that. I dont think there are any left to discover around here. I already found them all. Love your fog pics. We have fog here in the mornings sometimes so thick you cannot see the high rises at the beach, but then it burns off as the sun gets higher. I used to go walking in it, and my hair would get dripping wet. Seeya later!

foxysue said...

Nice pics, love the almond orchard and eerie moments, gives me a flavour of your 'hood', my love likes to view US long trains on video! x

Stephanie said...

Really nice backroad..foggy trip, thanks for taking us along!

DHLOL said...

Table! What table? where? I have to go looking. So that is what that charge on the account was. :)

DHLOL said...

Reference "The Table". Techical point: It is not disguised. It is hidden. :)

Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

I love your table with real marble. 30 dollars is a steal.
Driving along between dream and reality is a fairytale trip. Great photos.

see you there! said...

The table was a steal. Love foggy mornings and the mystery fog seems to lend to everything.


DHLOL said...

Reference "The Table". It disappeared into my Study. :) Turns out that the position I have it in is one that Annie thought of placing it. Thank you for "The Table". :)

Annie said...

Yes!! Your welcome, sweet'ums. Glad it made you happy. Kiss Kiss.