Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Guest contributor, Donald Jeffries

And the sage continues.  Annie instructed me to write the latest concerning its adventures.

First it was discovered, then purchased.  It was disguised as she said and hidden as I said, then it  found a temporary home in the living room but THEN disappeared into my Study.

Many years ago Annie had another discovery.  That time it was an on-line Chess set purchase for my Christmas present.  However, it was not a “set”, but “pieces” as a “set” includes a “board”.  Since the board was not included and I did not have a proper place for display even if there had been a board, the pieces were maintained in storage for the last two decades waiting for me to construct a table for them.

Annie found me this afternoon, in my Study, setting the “pieces” on the disappeared Table.  She smiled and stated her agreement with my decision.

I had relocated The Table over from its placement beside my Queen Anne chair to a position directly in front of my “War Between the States” library cases.

Being one who has been drawn into the realm of political education starting with educating myself, I had used that education, beliefs and opinions to decide on the placement of the “pieces”.

President Lincoln and others wanted to “change” the life style and culture of the Southern States.  The Confederate States of America wanted only to remain free to “continue” their life style and culture and had seceded from the Union, under States Rights of the United States Constitution, in order to maintain their economic system, which the Union administration had been counter-acting pre-War Between the States.

A simple definition of “Liberal” is “one who desires change”.  A simple definition of “Conservative” is “one who desires the stability of continuing as has been”.  Therefore it may be said that the Union was Liberal and the Confederacy was Conservative.

Annie found me placing the Confederate chess pieces on the right and the Union pieces on the left of The Table.  The pieces are in full color and they all look very good on the neutral colors of white, gray and black of the marble.

Everything for a reason.  J


Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

How very cunning of Mr. to recapture the table and display the chess figurines there. They are rare and of high quality, as is the table, even if it's not a chess board.
American politics never made sense to me, even if I have read " Gone by the Wind" ten times.
In gymnasium we had English and American Constitution as a subject.
Didn't make me wiser.
How Republican Lincoln ended up to be blue and conservative, while the Southern Democrats turned Liberal and red.

Weird, but then again, so is politics.I'd better try to figure out our own. We have seven parties fighting for power and government this autumn.

Norma Ruttan said...

dear Mr.
unique and beautiful chess figures!
do you plan to make a grid on this table?
my late husband made a hinged box and inserted ceramic black and white squares into both sides. I coated half the chess men with black glaze and the other half with white glaze. It turned out to be a treasured gift for his nephew. I hope the daughter still has the set. Sadly, in 2006, my husband died in January, and his nephew was murdered in March of that year.

Pam said...

Hi Don! These sort of purchases bring much pleasure don't they.
I hope to see the film Lincoln soon, it will shed more light on your country's history for me.
You and Annie may be interested to know I visited many of the Civil War historical sites in The United States, but it was many decades ago!

DHLOL said...

Hi Norma! :)

The Table is still considered Annie's. I simply kidnapped it and am using it as a display.

The plan for an actual chess table is still in mind. Under the inlaid board, of blue and gray, will be a drawer on two opposite sides for the pieces just so they can be stored if desired. Under the table top will be a large center leg, with four small curved legs coming off of it close to the bottom. Those will be for stability. Sort of a pedistal design. It will be high enough for the players to sit at it. One of these days.

Hi Pam! :)

Many times Annie will make a discovery and purchase only to bring it home not knowing what to do with it. She simply liked it. Sometimes an item will just set for months or years, before she figures out its purpose in our home.

Not only is it rare that an item is almost immediately used, but also that I am involved with it.

Annie did request my assistance once in converting a framed mirror into a serving tray.

I guess we both just decided to get playful this time and one play lead to another.

I am not a fan of Lincoln as he stepped all over our Constitution during his time in office, beginning with States Rights. However, in view of his background, I understand why he did so.

We saw the movie "Lincoln" and it was very well done in bringing out the issues and situations of the time. It also brought out some aspects that are not commonly known.

May both of you have a good day.