Friday, February 15, 2013

Haiku My Heart

A few haikus to 
share.  Some new and some repeats.
All given in peace

Fence reaching up
Stretches close to the music
Good, good vibration

Beautiful sky with
prayers rising up on high
flutter merrily

One silent walker
Short journey.  Visit is brisk
Then, silently home

Bird call alarming
Females note male stares, stare back
Our freedom in nigh.

Her faith keeps the light
shining from within making
the darkness her friend

Lonely parched leaf
Delicately fluttering
Stay another day

Three roads to somewhere
Safe harbor by wheel or leaf
Target landing-place.

Faded soft layers
Fallen leaves snuggle for warmth
No crisp snap is heard

Soar . . . soar . . and again
Net of gold shedding on flight
O the joy. O the joy!


gma said...

Outstanding Annie!
Very powerful all together like this.

Sinder Ella said...

I love Haiku!
These are all wonderful!

Ginny said...

Two and six are my faves! I love it when you do your Haiku posts!!!!

WabiSabi said...

Beautiful post!

Stephanie said...

brava...beautiful story telling with so few words.

rebecca said...

thank you for opening the flood gates of your haiku heart!

Mark M. Redfearn said...

That stunning phrase "three roads to somewhere" is going to stick with me for a long,long time!

Complaining Morning Glory

Any chance that you can get rid of the word verification and just stick with comment moderation? Those tangled words are hard to read! Thanks!

irene said...

how very clever to create a whole story with your haikus.

see you there! said...

Enjoyed reading them all. You are quite a good poet.