Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Stalking

All the cardinal red and papal white has my heart singing today.  Eight years ago when Pope Benedict Emeritus was elected Pope, I was in the midst of an emotional tangle.  Our son was living in Rome at the time so every event from the death of John Paul II to the election of Benedict felt very personal.  

It was hard to stay in touch with Quanah because of the time difference (nine hours) but there was enough contact that I felt  what I got online plus his calls kept me very inside what was going on.  Now, eight years later, what a difference.

I'm on Facebook, live-feeds, and watching EWTN slavishly.  I had the times for the smoke nailed down.  I was a Pope stalker.  

I studied the "front runners", prayed for Cardinal Wako of the Sudan, did my own balancing act of the likeliest of the likely.  Cardinal Bergoglio was in my sights but then I dismissed him.  I honestly didn't think the Conclave would elect a man in his mid-70's, let alone a man not European.  

But I was surprised.  In fact, I believe the world was surprised.  The Cardinals knew what was needed and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they chose well.  They chose a simple man, a humble man, a man who is a real shepherd not at all uncomfortable mixing with people.  They chose of man of strength, integrity and  conviction.  

God Bless You, Pope Francis
May your sweet smile and gentle manner heal
angry hearts and nourish hungry souls.


Miss Robyn said...

yes!!! I love this post. I was asleep when it happened and was surprised to wake to find that a new Pope had already been elected..
i love your prayer:
"God Bless You, Pope Francis
May your sweet smile and gentle manner heal
angry hearts and nourish hungry souls"
& if it is ok, then I would like to borrow it for myself. thankyou for sharing this Annie

Annie said...

Yes. Please use it. There is a lot of healing and feeding to do in the world.

Ginny said...

I think it was a big surprise for everyone!

Felisol said...

My Monastery friends in the Netherlands are very pleased. " A Jesuit Pope with a Franciscan heart is perfect."

Annie said...

My thoughts exactly, Elise. Mind and heart joined as one.