Friday, March 29, 2013

Postcard from Paradise

One of the comments from my Wednesday post led me a little more into the ideas of tolerance, intolerance and courage.  I know that these three words were not specifically addressed in  Musings but as bloggers, we all know comments can often expand on what it is we are musing over.  So, in honor of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us that we observe on this day, I offer a few personal thoughts.

I think denial is a normal part of our humanity.  It takes courage to not deny what we believe in.  I fail completely or carefully step around standing up for what I believe in more than I care to admit.  There are many here whom I like very much that I know hold radically differing points of view from those I hold.  Out of lack of courage, I remain quiet on occasion.
Experience has taught me that a few of them are very accepting of me because they don't define me by just one thing.  You are the ones I still hear from on a fairly regular basis. But, I've learned from harder experience that there are many who have not only withdrawn from me but have spewed terrible words at me.  For them tolerance is only acceptable for those who share their point of view thereby mixing people with principle as though they were the same thing and thereby arrive at great error.
In our world today, so filled with hot button issues, I am reminded of something Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, in The Curse of Broadmindedness, said in 1931 - "There is no subject on which the average mind is so much confused as the subject of tolerance and intolerance.  Tolerance applies only to persons, never to principles.  Intolerance applies only to principles, never to persons."  These are words I try to live by, imperfect person that I am.
On this Good Friday I want to say that I always appreciated your good hearts.  He died because of His love for us, His children, and I can think of no greater gift to give to others than love as well.   Some may not acknowledge Him as Father of us all but it doesn't make it nonetheless true.  We are all His children.  So, no matter your spiritual path or perhaps you choose no path at all, I wish you and your loved ones a Blessed Easter.

In Him through Mary,


Ginny said...

Are you talking about blog followers saying horrible things? Surely just random comments, not true followers??? Blog land is a place that gives us a chance to speak our minds, state our beliefs, and we should all feel perfectly free to do this... without being verbally abused and criticized! People who do not agree should NOT read and break their calm superiority...

Pam said...

Interesting post Annie.
I think we live in an intolerant world really otherwise we would tolerate (even try to understand) each other's lives and cultures. The perpetrators of oppression, cruelty and abuse should never be tolerated in any culture, and yet even some of our world-wide businesses have these tactics at their core. I've found there is not much room to manouvre with intolerance - education and/ or a good whack of personal experience seems to be the only way in.
You've written a thought-provoking post, much appreciated.

Annie said...

Yes, Ginny. Sadly, bloggers. They were artists I knew some time ago and aren't blogging now. I had no idea of their inclinations or attitudes and I was so shocked by their attacks (via email not in comments) that I have been very careful ever since both here and on Facebook. Lately though I've been a little more open on Facebook because everyone else sure is. Self-censoring is a good thing but it has a downside too.

Pam said...

Annie I just noticed your note re my family on prayer requests. Thank you so much - your thoughtfulness means a lot.

Nonnie said...

When I was younger, I was outspoken, and I probably spoke without much musing before hand. Teaching at Catholic schools for 30 years, I was led to be open to hearing others' thoughts. I still try to lean that way, but if my faith is attacked or a misunderstanding is voiced, I will speak up. Not to, I feel, would make me lukewarm, and God wants us to be "on fire" with love for Him.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Annie, Great post ---but I am sorry to read about blog 'friends' saying ugly things. BUT--this day in time especially, people seem to be more rude, arrogant, self-centered, judgmental, disrespectful --especially of others who have different beliefs and thoughts, etc.

I have never been involved in politics until the last few years. AND--I have lost good friends because of my beliefs... Kinda sad --but people today will not listen to one another and will not 'agree to disagree' in LOVE over the differences...

I tend to 'back-off' rather than to cause a problem. That's just my personality. BUT--I still do have strong feelings (as you know)--and definitely need to have more courage when it comes to speaking out...

Yes, Jesus died for US---all of us. Wish we could all just get along better. That would be what he would want.

Happy Easter.