Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walking at the Hughson Arboretum

Yesterday, in preparation for Easter, I went to our parish Reconciliation Service.  One of the purposes of Confession, for me personally, is to focus on what I need to improve in my life so that I can truly improve and grow spiritually.  For me, this always comes around to being thankful for the health of my mind and body and acting in a way that is more in line with showing my thankfulness to God for this healthy state I have been blessed with.

I like walking and companionship during a walk is always preferred.  But if companionship isn’t available, I always want to have a beautiful place to walk in.  Neighborhood walking doesn’t really do it for me. 

Located on the Corner of Whitmore Ave. and Euclid Rd. in Hughson California, the Hughson Arboretum and Garden was the dream of local resident and nonagenarian, Margaret Sturtevant. She envisioned a garden filled with beautiful trees, plantings, and educational opportunities for the enjoyment of local residents, visitors, and learners of all ages. The Hughson Arboretum and Garden promotes sustainable gardening practices and works to encourage stewardship of the world’s natural resources

It take about ten minutes for me to drive to the arboretum and no matter the season, I am never disappointed.  Even during winter, it is a lovely place to be but I have to admit that spring has major charms.  

Today I walked with my sister-in-law, Yolanda and her sweet Lab, Casey.  Well actually, Casey walked Yolanda since Casey is very strong and Yolanda barely makes 5 feet and is very trim.  Nevertheless, we walked together even if we weren’t actually together in the same place at the same time.  So be that as it may, we enjoyed the Johnny-Jump Up flowers, the just now peeking out iris greenery, delicate daffodils, and a myriad of flowering trees and shrubs.

I felt I had made good on my desire to show my thanks more concretely to God by using my body in a way that would strengthen it.  But then, of course, since I was in Hughson, I had to stop in at Hamilton’s.  My food selections weren't bad; I had half an egg salad sandwich and a side salad.  Good healthy fare and not too heavy. 





They had my favorite carrot cake from Costco and there was a piece waiting for me with my name on it.  I was doomed but then I don't recall God ever saying a little pleasure wasn’t a good thing.


Ginny said...

Carrot cake is health food because of the carrots. End of speech.

Tash said...

Hi Annie,

I'd love to see more photos of your walk around Hughson Arboretum, it really does look lovely.

For me, walking with someone and walking alone are two totally different experiences. When I'm alone, I am far more introverted because all I have to concentrate on is my own footsteps, whilst when I am with people, we are talking and chatting and pointing things out. I sometimes prefer to be alone, just to get some 'me-time' but I do love walking with people, too.

The landscape there looks so alien to where I was walking the other day (the Fens)! Your arboretum looks so colourful and dry, whilst my fens were ankle-deep in mud and water (the definition of a fen!).

Have a good week,

Tash from vintagepretty.org

Leovi said...

Yes, this place is great and very nice, beautiful pictures!

Jeanie said...

I think God would be all for your carrot cake indulgence. After all, you did walk. And after all, you don't do carrot cake every day! I loved this post -- your honesty, the lovely photos, the joy of it!