Tuesday, April 09, 2013

First Poppy, ever, in my yard.


Jeanie said...

How pretty, Annie. I bought poppy seeds, but I don't hold high hopes!

Pam said...

It's exciting when there's a first.
The garden gives such joy.

judie said...

How exciting to find the first poppy Annie. Love your photo. Congrats on your anniversary. And...I cant wait to see your finished shelf. I recently passed up an opportunity to purchase a shelf just like that at an estate sale. Last day, I prolly could have got it for a dollar! Duh me. I am regretting now. Oh well. Your comment about my tree is spot on. I did not even see that until you pointed it out, but there it is, no doubt.

Tash said...

Hi Annie,

What a lovely Californian poppy. They are very pretty and very strong-growing (at least they are over here!). Have you considered trying to cultivate some of the European/Asian poppies? Papaver rhoeas, the beautiful, red field poppy (and the poppy that now forever grows in the fields of the WWI fallen) is a good place to start as they are easy to germinate and will tolerate most conditions. Papaver meconopsis (the Himalayan Blue) is harder to grow (its seeds need to be frozen prior to germination), but its colour is worth it!

I loved having all sorts of poppies growing in our old garden and miss their blousy, pretty flowers and the lovely sound of their seed heads, full of rattling seeds!

Enjoy your poppy and with any luck, you'll have plenty more soon!

foxysue said...

All kinds of poppies grow in my garden except for Californian Poppies. We just don't get the sun here! Nice shot. x

Naturegirl said...

Annie! How wonderful to see flowers and color in your garden! Here in my world we still search for signs of color in our gardens. We still get forcasts of snow coming our way..Grrrr! Mother Nature I've had enough!!!!
It is truly a treat to view your one sunny poppy!!
I loved your Spring poem that you left me!

see you there! said...

I think that is a sign that you are an Official Californian, LOL! I can't wait to drive up the Napa Valley and see all the poppies blooming along side the road.


Sea Angels said...

Your own lovely sunbeam she looks lovely xx
Hugs Lynn xx