Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I took a big step today; well, a big step for me.  I framed two of my photos and brought them to a local gallery for sale.  The owner accepted both of them and he even set the price.  I was surprised when he marked them for $50.  I was thinking less but he said if that didn't work then I could have a sale.  Good psychology.

I've never displayed in a gallery before and I have to admit that I was unnerved.  I had already gone in there twice looking around and talking with Rex (the gallery owner) but it took a third trip to actually get me in the door with a couple of selections.  I had to bring moral support with me so Marie made the journey with me.  and we talked afterwards and that helped me focus on my insecurity and turn it into something positive.

So, I've left them there and now I'm going to forget about it.  I mentioned to him that I had several sepia photos which he actually personally likes a lot so my next step is to get several of the sepia's printed up and then bring the portfolio folder to him for a look see.

Of course this HAD to be the time I would go out without my phone OR my camera so many, many thanks to Marie for saving my hiney and taking my first display pictures for me.  In my "defense", I managed to make up business cards on the fly - uhhh, twenty minutes before I left to pick her up.  Thank you, God, for Microsoft Template.


Jeanie said...

Oh, Annie, congratulations! I am so proud of you -- isn't it an amazing boost to know that someone loves and wants your stuff who isn't related to you or your friend? We're glad they do -- and they are sincere. But would they pick it out in a big crowd if they didn't know you? Rex did! And I'm so very proud -- I think he'll like your sepia -- it's some of my favorites of yours!

Three cheers!

Ginny said...

Oh my GOSH, this is SO exciting!!! Good for you, as the saying goes: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Nonnie said...

how exciting! you knocked and the door was opened for you. I'm pleased for you.

SweetMarie said...

How exciting!!! This is a big deal! I'm very happy for you! :) Keep us posted.
hugs & blessings,

Dawn Elliott said...

Bless your heart and congratulations for putting it out there this first time! It's a huge step and a really rewarding one...just go with the flow and grow that confidence, girl! Sepias are a favorite of mine...keep that momemtum going!

Bee's Blog said...

This is such good news. Nothing ventured, nothing ever gained. I am delighted for you. Many congratulations!

rebecca said...

my dear annie,

it is a most wonderful experience to "see" and to "be seen". part of the circle of artistic fulfillment is in the sharing of ones journey. a journey that is ever changing. i love that you took a friend with you and shared the experience, supporting each other. yes, she was truly there for you, and you may not realize it yet, you were there for her. when we realize a dream within us, we fan the flames of possibilities for those around us. her path to fulfillment may take a completely different course but you have inspired her with your courage. and inspired all of us with by sharing your joy here,
that is a beautiful thing!

see you there! said...

Congratulations. Getting something in a gallery is a big step. I'm really thrilled for you.


trailbee said...

This is great. Success is around the corner!