Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glimpses of the Postcards of My Many Paradises

Mission San Luis Obispo

 Capitola, CA
Concrete Cross in
an unexpected place
Guadalupe Lady in La Grange, CA

Back roads
Mendocino, CA

 Oakdale ranch
Places that were and aren't anymore

Rainfall in the Fall

Capitola public gardens and a resting place



Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco
Blue Poison Dart frogs

Marin Headlands

Santa Cruz Pier Pelican
Tea Ceremony - Portland, OR

Sunflowers right down the
street from us
Seaside, OR

Seaside , OR

An old Victorian House in Willows, CA

Spider Mum in Capitola Canal

Max Tunnel Portland, OR

Sunflowers On my table at home

Hillside Cemetery, Forest Grove, OR


Nonnie said...

oh, my Annie, what a plethora of top-notch photos! each one touches my pleasure senses in many different ways.
thank you.

Wabi Sabi said...

These photos are so beautiful. I love the blue frogs! Thanks for sharing!

Ginny said...

Oh my gosh, SO many cool things here!!! First, the poison dart frog. The pastel dishes, yes I will take them ALL, the wonderful blue house reflection, and the garden resting place!

rebecca said...

today i needed life to open arms to me and take me in. i needed comforting and reassurance. when i finally returned home from my sage of challenges...every single postcard from paradise was healing balm to my heart and soul.
thank you annie...for the gifts of love here that you might not even realize are so perfectly personal and speaking straight to my heart.
thank you...

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you Annie for this lovely sequence of images.
I'm very drawn to 1 and 2!

Happy Monday,

Priti.Lisa said...

Hi Annie!
What a blessing it was that I am late for my haiku visit...
what glorious pictures all!
The Mary with all of the beads and rosaries...WOW!
My other favorite was the unexpected cross, another wow.
Your haiku post was so entertaining, what a life you lead~~FUN!

Jeanie said...

What an incredibly fun selection of photos. I love every single one! I remember visiting that mission -- it was beautiful! Those flowers, that china in the cabinet -- oh, Annie, very nice indeed!

Stephanie said...

LOVE all of these beautiful places you share here...I had a customer in Santa Cruz some years ago and discovered Capitola then.

lucky girl to live in this special part of the world with all of this at your finger tips!

Amy Burzese said...

Lots of great things in this post. Postcards for sure.

Gillena Cox said...

Great set thank you for sharing

Much love...

lorik said...

Interesting series. My favourites are "Rainfall in the Fall" , the blue frogs and the tea ceremony. Great shots!

DHLOL said...

I feel the impluse to clarify concerning the coffee mugs photo. The middle mug is of a no-longer-existing place, while the other two still exist. :)

Annie said...

Well, DHLOL is sort of right. Bubb's is gone. Hamilton's is still here. Expresso goes by another name and another owner.

sandy said...

Beautiful photos - I enjoyed them all, especially the sunflowers on your table.