Saturday, August 31, 2013

GF Time with Elaine

I've been here a little over an hour and I'm so relaxed.  Nothing like having girlfriend time to unwind. And after six months of not seeing each other, I was ready for it.

Driving across the Altamont Pass this morning was a calming experience as well.  Normally, traffic into the Bay Area is nuts.  Today, the first day of the holiday weekend, the freeway was almost empty.  Even heading north, it was almost deserted.  Elaine and I decided the closure of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge had a lot to do with this.  Re-routing to any of the other three bridges is not convenient.

So today I have a visit to Nordstroms and Macy's on my dance card.  Maybe I will find a Mother of the Bride dress.  The last thing Don said as I left with Elaine was for her to make sure that if I found THE dress, I was to BUY THE dress.  Okay, Don.  I will.

Later we are heading to a couple of little towns on Carcinas Bay - Crockett and Port Costa.  The camera is at the ready and I'm excited to visit two places I've never been and never heard of AND!!! area next to the water.

Happy Labor Day dear friends.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hoping THE dress was found!

Joyful said...

Looks like you have a full weekend planned. I hope you find THE DRESS ;-)

see you there! said...

When I'm coming home from somewhere South on I-5 I enjoy hitting the Altamont pass and thinking "I'm almost there".

Did you find the perfect dress?