Monday, September 30, 2013

Don and I went shopping this week and . . .

. . . bought a car.

We knew we (read that I) would feel better driving across the country in a car that was NOT 15 years old.  Our Buick Century is a good car and has served us well, but, it's a '98, has a lot of miles on it, and the idea of driving it from California to Texas, to Missouri, to Kentucky, to Indiana, to W.VA, to Pennsylvania, to Maryland, to Virginia, then back through Ohio and Indiana to Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois and after that, a straight shot home, well, I didn't think the old girl would be too happy doing that.  So, after some discussion, and then me going along reluctantly but resignedly, off we went shopping.

Where cars are concerned, Don and I have always been one stop shoppers.  Unlike many who are thrilled with the hunt and challenge of car shopping, Don and I simply want to get a car that works, ticks off the major specification we individually and together are looking for, and we know we will feel secure with.  We do a little checking around online; we discover what is out there.  We don't shop for a car for at least 10-12 years between purchases and THIS ONE was 15 years.

We considered an SUV and particularly looked at Jeeps.  It didn't take me long to determine that getting in and out of an SUV was not for me.  The vehicle is set too high.  The roof lines at the doors were too low and I felt like a pretzel getting in and out.  It wasn't until they were bigger that I got in and out with any ease and that made them TOO big overall and too expensive.  So . . .

We looked around the Hertz rental lots to see what else was available and I closed in on the Nissan Altimas.  That was when we discovered that the Nissan car and all parts was made entirely in the U.S.A.  Win/win.  The back end was very roomy; Don could load wood and boards in when he needed to; the backseats laid down flat.  The lay down seats were a big plus on my score card because this would allow me to lay out to sleep at rest stops when we stop for a few hours.  Don can sleep in an unmoving car in the front see.  I can't.  I have to be able to lay down.  Another win/win.

I think it can do some other fancy stuff to like syncing up with my phone.  I'm still trying to figure out how to do that.  It doesn't have GPS but that's alright.  I have it on my phone and Don has a TomTom (which may or may not work anymore.  We'll see).

No more car worries for a long time.  This baby hums and we have good mechanics we trust to do the right thing by her when she needs a bit of TLC.  All in all, I'm happy and ready to hit the road.  January is fast coming up on us.


Jeanie said...

Sounds like a totally fabulous car, Annie, and a very smart idea. We are trying to figure which of ours I should drive to Nova Scotia next year when Rick rides his bike to Labrador and I bring his sorry tail home. Both are on the old side, but Rick's doesn't have much mileage on it. I'm like you in shopping for a car -- just give me something I want, don't make me hunt for it!

see you there! said...

Looks like you found the perfect car. Good for you! Our old reliable will have to be replaced one of these days and I'm not looking forward to that. I don't really enjoy the whole car buying process.


Felisol said...

Dear Annie,
Long time, no see.
I have been off blogg since this spring. Now life is a lot easier and I have time for s touring the blogworld. I've never had a driver's license, so this suits me perfectly.
I'm looking forwards to learn more about the US of A as you are taking the grand tour with your new car.One good multi purpose car should be just fine.
We're driving SUV, because of the long winter with icy roads. Land Rover. I charge my iphone via the cigarette lighter. No problems. I also connect it to the CD player and have nine days of music on my itune play-lists. Great playing opera while surfing along the coast line. Now I'm sure you find exactly how to get the best out of your car both for the grand tour and for everyday use. I am so in sync with you about how to spend money on a car and how long it should last. Gunnar's MG is 50 this month and still on the road. I hope you are finee. I haven't have time to upgrade my reading yet. Love Elise