Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kwei-Cee's Corcavado

During Spring break, the University Choir went on tour to their director's home country of Brazil. They had an amazing experience. Kwei-Cee, one of the students, came in today and showed me all of his pictures he had posted online. Of the 107 pictures I saw, this one just took my breath away and I immediately emailed it to myself. I post it here now for you all to enjoy.

At the very top of the highest point in the picture is a immense status of Christ. The statue stands on the hill of Corcovado, which is 710 m tall (about 2,400 feet). The Statue of Christ stands 30 meters high (100 feet), covered in a mosaic of soapstone. On its base there is a small chapel. Just a moment later, the peak and statue were covered by the clouds. The picture of the Christ looking down over the city gives you a sense of Kwei-Cee's perspective as he took the cloud picture from far below and across the bay.


megg said...

Stunning. I would love to see that for real!

As for your earlier post: I LOVE that book so much! Of the others, I recommend 5 quarters of an orange & blackberry wine & coastliners - but Blackberry wine is neat because it happens in the same place as chocolat! Sigh. But Chocolat is the best! (VERY different from the movie though!)

vicci said...

Annie...My Grandmother was born in Brazil! Thanks for sharing the photos...