Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Break Sunday - Passages

After a quiet final morning before returning to work, I went to a baby shower in the afternoon. Since I was going to Modesto, I took the opportunity of stopping in at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We have Borders in our town but B&N is a destination place for me. I explored the writings of Joanne Harris and discovered that as well as haven written the well-known Chocolat, she has also produced at least five other titles. I was so intrigue by all of them that I wrote them in my notebook for future reading. Then it was on to the shower.

I find myself surrounded by baby showers these days. I have three now behind me and another one coming up. I've reached an age where the young women I knew as girls are now having children of their own. But there was something about this event that was very special.

Christina is 24 now. She was six or seven when we first met. Her mother Jenny was my friend and our kids went to school together. Later, life intervene and we experienced long periods of being out of touch and occasionally finding each other again, only to lose each other again. But now we are back in each other's orbit and this time it's to stay. Back then Jenny was married and her youngest was not yet born. Now Blake, her youngest, is ten and Christina is about to make him an uncle. Watching my children and the circle of children who surrounded me back then and are now grown up, inspired a moment of reflection. Well, more than a moment actually.

I think back over the past ten years and of Jenny's struggles to keep her family together. The four children, the tiny 2-bedroom duplex that replaced the home and ranch she lost after her marriage fell apart, the absent ex-husband, the job that helped make ends meet, the blessed in-laws who didn't abandon her, Jenny going to college, landing a great job and all the while doing the soccer mom thing. There were times when you were so tired, Jenny that you practically lived out of your car, your cell phone a lifeline to those who cared about you. And now Christina is having her first child, a little girl. Sit back and relax dear Jenny. Life is good now, delicious as Chocolat.


Brad said...

Life's turns can hit hard. Your hero - Jenny- is a statement about the love for life adn the joys of perseverence.

God Bless the single mother (and now grandma!)


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

you are such a dear friend to write such kindness!

Kim G. said...

Thanks so much for sharing Jenny's story. That little baby is already blessed to have such a grandma as her waiting to welcome him/her into the world!


vicci said...

Very nice Annie....I also have many young friends who are about to give birth! Celebrate!