Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break Monday

The roses are in. Much winter debris is now in a pile in the corner. I don't compost so it will all end up in the green can for trash to haul away to the city composter. So, no waste after all. I purchased a birdbath last summer that for some reason the birds never used. At least I never saw a bird there in all the months it stood waiting for them. So this morning the birdbath became a planter. It is filled now with cosmos, oregano, and German chamomile. There is still plenty of room for more so later today I'll pick up a couple more herbs and set them in. It feels wonderful getting my hands dirty again.

Kris called before leaving school and was hungry. Late lunch, early dinner, call it whatever, we ended up at Vito’s enjoying caesar salad and calzone. The ducks at the lake enjoyed the bread and dough leftovers. It was a lovely hour.

Before going home we stopped at Raleys where I picked up cilantro and dill to add to the birdbath now herb garden. Once it fills in a bit, I take a picture. Right now it is a lot of dirt and splashes of green. Not terribly impressive but give it a week or two and it will look wonderful.

I also picked up the film I finished today. I’ve left a few images here of my cleaned up garden. I was feeling very arty. LOL


Left-handed Trees... said...

This sounds like a perfect day...but then, I am out there hitting my garden like a madwoman right now, so I loved this "shop talk". Ahhh, Spring!

vicci said...

Good Annie...sounds like the yardwork is getting a good start! I was so tired yesterday...and mostly read and rested...I don't know about you...but I need those days every now and then! I'm anxious to get outside and dig in the garden..looks like this weekend will be time for me to do just that! I'll be planting flowers and bulbs...and doing lots of it's into the art room to organize and maybe work on something....I like the rose petals in the heart!