Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Break Thursday

I woke up this morning and felt just bushed. After zealously enjoying my days off and claiming just about every moment for myself, I crashed. Lesson here - I need to pace myself. I have and will have in a few years, all the time in the world. I can make a big list, I can do things bit by bit and enjoy all the pleasure I can wring out of whatever I happen to be doing. So, with that in mind I headed to my blog and smacked up against a technological wall. Comments would not open. The link for adding images would not work. Frustrating. And it went on for hours. So - I watched TV. Well, I turned it on anyway but I didn't pay much attention because I was able to finish my Stephen Hawking picture. Then Jeremy in England came to visit and I discovered that Hawking just lives about 15 miles (or whatever they call it over there) up the road from him. Yes, J, read the book. Very readable. (Hummmm, I've just done my first link since starting this blog. It will be interesting to see how it works.) Oh, and Jeremy, there are two Hawking stamps, the one in Palua and one other that I found in Zambia. Google is a wonderful thing.

And so the day went. I was heading for Border (Yeah, did not get there yesterday) when Krista called and she was starved. So we met up at Chili's for a late lunch. Border was right there but did I go in?????? NO. But actually I'm reading two good books right now so why bother.? One book is by Lee Child - One Shot. I haven't read any of his titles but Biene's husband loved it, said it was a keeper and that I had to return it. So far he is right. Synopsis - A man is accused of five murders all done at the same time. All the evidence points to him. Every bit of it. Even the man he counts on to clear him believes he's guilty. And so it goes and of course he is innocent. Well, I THINK he's innocent. I haven't gotten to the end yet.

I've also discovered Carrie Bebris. Bebris writes as Jane Austen wrote and in fact has taken up many of the characters that we know and love from Miss Austen. I'm reading Suspense and Sensibility wherein Darcy and Elizabeth try to set her youngest sister on a successful quest for a husband but also maintain her ladylike maidenly demeanor. Since Kitty is a total featherhead, that will be some effort. Somewhere along the line something is going to happen that will threaten Darcy's social standing - quelle shock! So far it has been a fun read. Pride and Prescience and North by Northanger make up the trio of books written so far. For Austen lovers, this is great news since dear Jane only wrote six books. Of course that's five better than Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre - which I've read countless times) so I guess we should be counting our blessings for the six. Having Bebris' contribution will add to the fun.

I have no idea what the evening holds for me., short of making sure we don't miss CSI at 9 p.m., I imagine there are any number of things I can do in my lap to keep my hands busy. Three free days left.

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biene said...

Annie, close your eyes and say carry debris (no s). Is that her real name? All those things you plan to list and do at your leisure? Forget it. It doesn't work that way once you get there - it's better!