Thursday, April 20, 2006

52 Influential Books #1 - TIME

I joined an art challenge and committed to making one 5 x 7 card each week. A prompt is sent for the word we are to interpret. When I came up with my idea posted here, the idea immediately grew into a theme. So, now each week I plan to do a card that draws inspiration from the title of an influential book. Of course, the book list will be subjective but I will have quite a collection of books at the end of my endeavor.


Jeremy said...

Great card, Annie. Good luck with the next 51.

I ought to try to read Stephen Hawking's book. He only lives about 15 miles from here, incidentally.

I don't think he's ever featured on any UK stamps. You did well to track him down on Palau's. I hadn't even heard of Palau until now. I've just looked it up and it seems like a peaceful place to read a book undisturbed.

Looking forward to
the next ornothological exploits.

biene said...

Annie, I dug and found. I'm buying and reading. I can actually understand what he is saying! Thanks.