Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring Break Wednesday

For the past 5-6 years a pair of doves have returned to our plant hanging from the patio cover. Don has suggested moving it to a more sheltered area but they have rejected hanging plants that are set farther back undercover so I convinced Don that if we expected to keep our doves returning, we must leave the plant where it is. This plant has really been through it. It is a combination of two succulents so thank God it does not expect much watering. It has died back to next to nothing as many times as the doves have nested. Right now it is at its peak and I did not expect the doves so soon so did not have a chance to prune it and clean away the dry growth. So, now it must stay lest I disturb the dove mommy. Dove daddy spends hours daily sitting on the back fence puffing out his chest and warning off any and all interlopers. Many dive bombing Red Baron fights have been witnessed over the years in the quest of maintaining their territory. Even the cats seem to understand that the doves are off limits. When the babies start practicing their flying it can be very nerve wracking in the backyard. But mommy and daddy doves are very good at protecting their young and so far cats zero, birds 100. Who would have thought that doves would be so assertive. I hesitate to use the word aggressive because, after all, we are talking about doves.

The pansies and Icelandic poppies went in today. The pictures I took later didn't turn out too well so I'll wait a while and when they are mature take more pictures and post them. In the meanwhile, I put a struggling geranium in a pot with a guardian angel. With luck, she will recover and bloom large.

Stephen, my boss, called me today. Big project and short deadline landed on his desk, so off I went for about three hours. Not my favorite thing to do during spring break but things are the way they are and it's better to be a team player in this event. Later I went to Raley's yet again and then home to work here. Now the day is winding down and I'm already planning my day tomorrow. Only four days left. I'm missing my time off already.


vicci said...

the sound of a morning dove makes me cry.....I love doves!

Yolanda Bastian said...

Really enjoyed your dove story, especially the part where you describe the "defeat" of cats versus doves . . . Rather Cute!!=)