Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lost Wednesday - a snippet

How many of you are "Lost" fans? Erika and I have been comparing notes on missing Lost (that sounds very strange together on re-reading) and decided that perhaps a Wednesday evening Lost fix was in order. So, for the next few weeks, there will be little mentions here of the show until Fall comes around again. For those of you who are hooked on this show, I'm sure there is a big "YES" rising out there. It's bad enough that we are in reruns but does it have to be at the same time as "Gilmore Girls" withdrawal though I'm really mad at the writers and what they have done to the show. But getting back to Lost. As much as I love the show and the smart writing and convoluted story line, I sure hope they get the crew out of the hatch and back into island exploration and discovering answers. There are so many loose ends on this show, its beginning to look like a mop. And what's with the killing off of three of the women this season all about? Those storylines were just getting interesting and bang!, they're gone. And the art imitating life argument just doesn't wash. So, thoughts? Shared commismerations. Opinions? And just what the heck do YOU think might be going on?


paris parfait said...

I can't comment because it hasn't made its way here yet. Although I think it might be starting in French on one of the television channels - haven't had time to check and don't particularly want to see it in any language other than English. Since everyone keeps going on about it, I may have to order the DVDs! :)

boliyou said...

"There are so many loose ends on this show, its beginning to look like a mop." hee! Great line!

Tammy said...

I have seen every episode of Lost and I have no idea what is really happening.
1. Big experiment of human behavior by scientist nut jobs.
2. People are connected for a reason.

I have always followed Gilmore Girls too :)

tinker said...

Yes! I am suffering 'Lost withdrawal symptoms' entire summer to ponder the many mysterious 'mop' strands (loved that analogy) they've left hanging. And then come fall, they'll probably spend the first 3 weeks re-capping, trying to hook more viewers - torture! Personally, I'm beginning to wonder if we viewers are lab rats in an experiment by the producers to see how far they can string us all along before we abandon ship!
:-) Just kidding - I've expended way too much time following these storylines to opt out now! I have too many questions...Do you really think the Others will let them get very far in that boat? The Others?!? Desmond/Doctor connection? Kate/Doctor? Kate/Sawyer? What are your thoughts?

Daisy Lupin said...

Yours is the first blog I have read that has mentioned 'Lost' I am completely hooked on it, although, in England we are just on episode 5 of the second series. I know how the second series ends, because I look on the official Lost website, knowing doesn't spoil it for me, because there are so many options and loose ends. Myself, I thought they were all dead and on the island to sort out what was unfinished in their past life. I mainly thought that because of the camera at the start of the second series panning on the book 'The Third Policeman'. There is also a website somewhere called the Ultimate Theory which is based on the fact that they are all children of the Others who were sent out into the world and had to return to the island, without knowing why. All I hope is that when the series eventually ends it is a worthwhile ending with all loose ends tied up. What do you think?