Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Just About Completely Perfect Day

Saturday beckoned with a lazy, damp finger. Rain threatened to slowdown my weeklong plans of running away to play a couple of hours down the road. Birthday blues knocked at my door but I wasn't at home. I had PLANS.

Don and I took off for Merced (fortifying ourselves with coffee first, of course) and met up with David and Yolanda. After a bit of a slow start, we were off for Old Clovis, the historic old town area for an afternoon of antiquing, browsing, and peering into windows. First stop was The Rose Cottage and Tea. Don and Dave were totally comfortable in the feminine Victorian setting (well it took a little getting use to for Dave but he settled in) and didn't mind being surrounded by rooms full of women. I think they might have been the only men there.

Don is in the midst of creating a Victorian style office for himself in our front bedroom. He went browsing the shelves and returned with this pretty teapot. For me?, you might ask. Absolutely not. It is taking up residence in his evolving office.

Feminine fripperies.

I have ONE cup and saucer of this particular Staffordshire set, "Tonquin". I love brown transferware and this 8 piece place setting set me to dreaming. Oh to have $450 and the freedom to spend it without guilt on these beauties.

More feminine fripperies.

This fascinating chair seats three. I think it is called a conversation chair. Can't you picture yourself in a garden with two friends enjoying a beautiful day and happy conversation?

Yes, that is a real cat in the window. In fact, there was another cat on the opposite side of the window stretched out like a snake securing himself in a narrow space.
This shop was closed but was well guarded.

This old wall was richly covered by a gorgeous climbing vine.
I wonder what word is still struggling to peek out.

A magical end to a magical day.
After dinner at a Mexican diner we headed home. Dave slowed down long enough for me to take this picture of Rose Cottage all dressed up for the Christmas holiday season.


Maryellen said...

Well Happy Birthday to you Annie. I so want that 3 seater. What a delightful design. I'll take the white Catty Cat in the window too. Looks like you got treated to a wonderful day. I'm happy for you.

miss*R said...

what fun things! is your birthday 18 or 19th? whatever day it is - I hope you have a truly scrumptious day xoxo full of all things magickal!

Janet said...

It sounds as if your special day was wonderful....filled with fun, friends, and feminine fripperies!

Love the photos! And the teapot!! Oh, and the brown transferware, too. All just beautiful.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Annie!
May the coming year be filled with every blessing.
Clovis looks like a fun town to explore. Not sure I could get my husband into a tea room, but one never knows.
Love the beautiful white cat in the window and the teapot!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Annie! I sure didn't know it was your birthday,,I must remember from now on. I am so happy you had a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie!
You seem to have had a fine day! Great photos!


Colorsonmymind said...

Happy Birthday!

That chair is fantastic. My favorite out of all of it!


Star said...

What a lovely account of your day out. Victoriana is one of those things that are better in theory than in actuality for me. I love to look at it (and subscibed to Victoria magazine for years), but I can't live with all of it on a day-to-day basis.

It sounds like a beautiful way to spend a birthday (even if the teapot wasn't for you!)

Thank you for sharing such a detailed account and so many photos.

blackdaisies said...

Happy Birthday!! : )

i loved his journey through your day, definitely magical :)

pinar said...

happy birthday..
what a nice day..
I love the straffordshires as well. the brown is so stylish.. and I see a wall..
inviting to climb over.. and have a look behind =))

AnnieElf said...

Dear Pinar, I'm am so gratified by your visit to my site here and at The Benedict Notes. Along with you, I pray that peace and a growing meeting of the minds comes from this visit. God bless you, Annie

Autrice DelDrago said...

Happy belated birthday!

Sorry I've been so out of touch.