Monday, December 25, 2006

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a SAVIOUS,
Luke 2:11
Love has a Name. . .
May His Love Surround
Your Christmas


Beth said...

Its been a wonderful day! Hope you have had a Great and Blessed Day Sweet Annie!

Lee-ann said...

Merry Christmas my dear new friend, The joy in the name Jesus is celebrated in our humble little cottage and with the dded sorrow in our hearts our faith can only be stronger for the remembrance of the reason we are all here.

Your Don's banana cake looks wonderful, we will be right over and I will bring the coffee! :o)

I will just also say you were remembered at our table this year as the very last of your chocolate kisses help decorate our table the represented both family and friends this year.

until I drop by again please know this friend treasures you being in her life.

Sioux said...

Amen, and amen.

mikim said...

Beautiful post!

Wishing you and your family every joy. Merry Christmas!

Paris Parfait said...

Beautiful sentiments, sweet Annie. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

trailbee said...

A strange Christmas this year. Live the joy. Best wishes. Biene

Susannah said...

is that a christmas card? it's lovely. hope you had a super time Annie - lots of love to you and your family (and can i have a slice of banana cake please? looks delish!) xo

AnnieElf said...

Hi Susannah. Yes, this is a Christmas card from my son's future in-laws welcoming us into their really big family circle. Since there are only EIGHT of us in our immediately family of children and grandchildren, this will be a very big and, I must say, welcome change for us.

cityfarmer said...

Gotta love all those traditions...banana cake, ets.

Thank you for your love of the Saviour.

Amber said...

Why, Thank You! I hope you had a beautiful one, too. ;)

And have a happy new year!