Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mailbox blessing this week

I have been so blessed this past week. I've been pretty out of it this Christmas season. Don has been up to the task of celebrating and preparing but I'm dragging. Then three times this week I opened the mailbox to sweet surprises from Janet, Carol, and Maryellen. I'm beginning to feel the Christmas cheer. Thank you dear friends.


Susie said...

Sweet gifts!
I know it's hard to have the "Christmas Spirit" this first year.

Janet said...

You are quite welcome! I'm glad it arrived safe and sound.

Star said...

How thoughtful of them to send you cheer in the mail.

I know more people who are not in the holiday mood this year than ever before (including my husband and me). I used to decorate in November, but then we started hosting Thanksgiving at our house and I feel the need to keep the look of autumn around through that week. By the time I've finished with a week of guests and cooking, I haven't got the energy to make the transition. (Also, the vast commercialization and emphasis on retail suck the good will right out of the season.)

Here's hoping we can triumph over the blahs and feel merry and bright during this last week and a half.

Sending holiday love your way, Annie.


Anonymous said...

You are welcome! :)

Beth said...

Isn't it wonderful to go to your mailbox and get such wonderful presents of Love? Thats what this season is all about.

Anonymous said...

You are very very welcome Annie. Glad you liked it and that it might be part of a nudge to lift your spirits towards allowing yourself to totally enjoy Xmas. You know she'd want you to. Big hugs.