Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wanderings and Shootings

I left work today and immediately felt that I could breathe again. The pressure of reports and deadlines was so great today that I posted a sign on my door, locked up and ignored the phone. The sign read: Sorry. I know you can see me but I'm not here. The answer to any and all questions today is "Not Yet". It worked quite well for the first part of the day but post lunch the natives were not nearly as patient. But, I managed to get my reports finished. Don't know if they will satisfy the PTBs but . . . well, you know.

I left just about on time tonight and immediately took my camera out. I could breathe again and was prepared for another nighttime adventure in THE PARKING LOT.

Here it is. Our own Blue light special ready to provide assistance at the push of the button.

Bus Stop

This stainless steel construction outside of the Art building fascinates me. As temperatures change, it expands and contracts making great thunderous claps. It's not entirely water-tight so when it rains, sometimes you can hear the water INSIDE the construct.

Inside the Mainstage Theatre lobby, the wall is hung with the costume designs of the current show. I liked the idea of exploring the perspective of the images on the wall. The ceiling's great circles of light bounced and reflected off the images.

And finally, just for a little change of pace . . .


Kara said...

Gosh, I have no idea how you can handle the pressure at work. I do love all your night photographs and it seems kind of therapeutic after all the stress.

Janet said...

Glad to hear some of the pressure is off, and I love the nighttime photos. I like the perspective on the costume designs and of course, the final photo of the beautiful flowers. You are so talented.

Star said...

I am so ready for this to be Friday (and since you post on pacific time, I am always catching up with you a day late, so it is Friday!).

So I'll take the last first, because the picture of the flowers made me smile, showing teeth and everything. Thanks, I needed that :D

I really like the night pictures, especially the costume designs in the dimmed hallway. I don't get out with my camera much after dark, but it offers such a different perspective that it makes me want to. Perhaps with weekend will inspire me with its promise of warmer temps and I'll venture out.

Wishing you a weekend full of things that make your heart happy.

Laini said...

Love that: the answer is "not yet." A great all-purpose reply!

the Caitlinator said...

Had a somewhat similar experience this afternoon when I arrived to work to find nothing but rush jobs for me to do, and all of my coworkers gone home. I just smiled, closed my eyes, and did the best I could. It's all anyone can ever ask.

trailbee said...

Great photos, Anne. The last is at Raley's?

Becca said...

Your week at work sounds just like mine - I have used the "not yet" line many times myself :)

Your nighttime photos are stunning - I love the persepctive of the world in darkness, and the way things take on such a different perspective.

Hope things calm down a bit for us both!

paris parfait said...

Lovely nocturnal photos Annie. Hope you can unwind from the work stress.