Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happenings!!! Part One

So much is happening so fast. My head is spinning so I need to make a LIST to just get it all in order -

1. Pillows
2. Morphing Meetings
3. Girlfriend Chop Suey
4. The Old is New

There is a fabric store in town called Rainbow Fabric. It is owned by a couple of Mexican ladies and the shop is filled with upholstering material, soft flannels, buttons and adornments, wedding/quinceanera supplies and more fabric flash than you can shake a stick at. In the flash section, they have a gorgeous selection of Asian prints. I'm not a sewer by any means though I do like to dabble with a needle and thread occasionally so it is a rare time that I get out of there empty-handed. There is always a 1/4 yard of some Asian pretty that I just have to have for some future something. Two years after purchasing this pretty red fabric, I used some of it to make mini pillows for Biene, Lisa, Maryellen, and Vicci.

Morphing Meetings

Biene and I plot and plan our get togethers with minute precision. She lives in the back of beyond up a mountain. I live in the valley. Our meeting ground is the university where I work and she is a grad student. We've known each other now for about five years.
We are in winter term now so Biene comes down the mountain much less frequently. We planned a get together day in Old Town Sacramento for the 20th and I asked if she liked the idea of inviting Maryellen to lunch since she lived in Sac as well. This was agreed upon and I fired off an email. The upshot of that inquiry was a day in Placerville and the evolution of a simple one on one meet-up that morphed to include Vicci, and our Oceandreamin' Lisa, and my dear friend Barbara who lives in Diamond Springs, just above (literally) Placerville. Anne and Biene Dayhad turned into Anne and Biene, and Lisa, and Maryellen, and Vicci, and Barbara. Whew.
End of Part One


pinar said...

meeting and pillows..
both wonderful as meeting with friends..

tica said...

after trying to post a million times a comment on this blogger, i have decided to give myself a new name! And it worked!

Happiness to be able to leave a comment to you!!

paris parfait said...

Lovely pillows and lovely photo of Biene!