Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Things Report - Week of January 14th

January 14th - Kind words from Jeanne that warmed my heart: I will never forget how you understood and embraced the book project... other people give lip service to 'Good Causes'... you are willing to actually DO something about them... you are one of the few people who actually Live their religious ideals... if everyone in the world were more like you, it would be a greatly improved planet for sure!!

January 15th - I'm met David for coffee this morning at Starbucks. We used to do this alot when mom was in the final stages of her illness but less so since then. Meeting him this morning for no other reason than we are important to each other is a Good Thing.

January 16th
I was at work yesterday and was relentlessly cold. Then I got home and continued to shiver and freeze, not to mention the nausea. No dinner to me, thank you very much. Don buried me under blanks and quilts and I laid down on the couch, my head in his lap. He takes such good care of me.

My first donation of hats arrived on my doorstep today. Thank you Kris.

January 17th
All better this morning. Well sort of anyway. Well enough to go to work.Work - The HEADS report is all but finished. This is a nightmarish report that I have to submit every year to our accrediting body. Parts of it go really fast, others are statistical and make my head swim. Tomorrow it goes in for review and then it's out of my hair. Yahoooooo.

January 18th
I got an address from Frida today. The goods will be on their way.
I started reading the most outstanding book - Asne Seierstad's The Bookseller of Kabul.

January 19th - Today I was given a spiritual advisor. I will meet with Fr. Silva a couple times a month for the next six months. Then he will be gone but I will be prepared for something else by then. Life is good.

January 20th - The meet-up at Placerville happened. I'll have our adventures and pictures posted tomorrow.


miss*R said...

this is like a gratitude journal! thanks for sharing xo

Daisy Lupin said...

Looking forward to hearing all about Placerville, Lisa was telling me all about you all meeting up there. You lucky girls.

Paris Parfait said...

Glad things are going so well.

Susannah said...

this is such a great idea - a good things report. i should adopt it :-) sounds like progress is being made, and you are being looked after well sweet Annie. i love what you're doing for Frida x

Star said...

These weekly lists of yours are so encouraging.