Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hats for Kids Update

Children frozen out
Ghor is perhaps the province most affected by the worst Afghan winter for 15 years. Many people have died in temperatures as low as -30C. Some observers say thousands may have died, with children worst affected. Firewood is in short supply, and many have frozen to death.
Text by Tom Coghlan, pictures by Veronique de Viguerie
Just a quick note to all. The response to my request for wool goods for the kids of Ghor in Afghanistan has been wonderful. Several hats, gloves, scarves, and mittens have already been received. Frida wrote yesterday and indicated that she has an APO address for me to ship to; we are only needing a contact name at the APO end which hopefully I will have by tomorrow. Frida will be gone for a week after that.

I have learned a lot from this effort most important of which is the awareness that life in most other places does not move at our speed. Growing up as a Navy brat and then as a military wife, I learned early the meaning of hurry up and wait but waiting U.S. style is not the same as waiting, international and I am working in a war zone environment, style. So I continue to wait for the one critical piece of information. When that arrives, the woolies will go out - perhaps in two days or perhaps in two weeks.

Either way, I am so incredibly grateful to all of you who have sent gift cards, funds, woolies, warm wishes and prayers. You are an amazing and generous group of women and I am proud to count all of you as friends. You have all very much enriched my life.


Regina Clare Jane said...

Thanks for your huge effort as well, Annie! I do hope we can get that one piece of info so the little ones can keep warm! I truly believe that when you help one person, one child, that you are helping all.
Thanks again...

Naturegirl said...

~YoU~ have enriched lives by bringing this cause to our attention.hugs

paris parfait said...

Annie, your efforts here are much-appreciated. Sadly in too many parts of the world, aid must go through the proper channels, even in emergencies. Like you said, "hurry up and wait."

Beth said...

How much longer will you be collecting hats and scarfs and mittens? I would like to send you some too. Hope all is well with you Annie!

AnnieElf said...

Hi Beth,
As of now, since I don't have a name to go with the APO address, it will be at least another 7-10 days before I do my first mailing. So, I believe there is still time. After that I'll talk to Frida and get an idea from her on where to go with this project next. Thanks so much.

diana said...

AnnieI also have caught this at the tail end but I would like to contribute to your wonderful
project. Will you email me where to send my contribution ? Thanks xo

cityfarmer said...

How did I miss this....ditto.. I thought of you when I posted today.

Rethabile said...

This is great. My story is too long and too personal to recount here. But at one point a family friend from overseas had to send us clothes and books. The kids receiving these gifts do appreciate the effort, and may or may not thank God, but feel that way (which is enoung thanks for me). Everytime a box arrives, it's a great day, full of surprises and twinkles around the eyes.

You're doing that to people, and i think it's marvellous.

When I was older, a student in East Tennessee, I met the lady who'd helped my family. An incredible experience. This little woman, all human, no wings, smiling at me. She made me lunch and burned it. It was the best I'd ever had.

All this just to try and give you an idea of how the kids you're helping might be feeling. Cheers. And Thanks for your question on the N word in my poem. I tried to answer it.

One Crabapple said... you have enriched mine (ours).