Friday, January 19, 2007

Making Progress

I didn't go to work today. What with two medical appointments (eyes and dental), it seemed all the running around back and forth just wasn't worth it. So I quilted together the pieces of a day that turned into a very satisfying picture.

9 a.m. - got my hair cut. Well that really means a trim and shaping it up since I'm letting it grow out. DH is very happy about this.

10:15 - eye exam - one year overdue. I definitely have had some changes in my vision but overall the health of my eyes are good. And the good, good news is that there is no evidence of the glaucoma that afflicted my mom. This has been in the back of my mind for a while.

Don, Kris and I met for lunch and heard about Kris' job interview. She is looking for another job, one that provides full time hours and benefits. She learned later that she didn't get the job. Not enough medical front office experience. All her work since graduation has been patient oriented. But she's not disappointed. She will simply keep looking.

I went to the post office to get information about shipping to Afghanistan. I was impressed by how manageable the amounts seems. Larry, the postal guy, also suggested networking into some of the local (read that California) non-profits that send barrels of goods. It's a thought I will bear in mind for the future depending on how this idea of Hats for Kids grows.

Next stop was the endodontist. For the uninitiated, this is a dental specialist for root canals. You see, I have this bad tooth so off I went for an evaluation. Can this tooth be saved? Sounds like an article for Red Book magazine doesn't it? LOL Anyway . . . no root canal for me. The tooth is too far gone. Next stop is the periodontist and gum treatment. If that doesn't work the final option is good-bye tooth and hello implant. This isn't as undesirable as you might imagine since DH has nine!!! of them. As you can see, I'm very familiar with implant technology. So, maybe . . .

On the way home I stopped by church and checked in with Fr. Silva. He arrived at All Saints two weeks ago and I knew immediately that this was the person I was looking for as spiritual advisor. This is something I've been thinking about for a long time and like so much recently, changes and opportunities have been finding me.

I knew that with mom's passing life would change in a big way. What one cannot anticipate are the how's of those changes. For me it has been an opening up of space within me. For five years mom was the focus. Every decision I made was predicated on how it would impact my mother. Now that space is open for so much more. Afghanistan's cry would have never been heard six months ago; I would not have recognized Fr. Silva and what he might give for my spiritual growth; I actually find myself eating better. So many unexpected and unanticipated doors are opening.

This day seems to have formed an emotional peak of sorts. Now I'm at a plateau and will be walking along for a while. I'm sure there will be a climb somewhere else along the road again.


cityfarmer said...


miss*R said...

dear AnnieElf - everything comes at the right time. love ya xoxo

Susie said...

Sounds like you had a satisfying day.
Glad the shipping overseas will be manageable.

Star said...

All in all it sound like a very positive day, Annie. I see so much potential welling up within you that will start to bubble over soon. Good for you!

Paris Parfait said...

Annie, lots of good things opening up for you - all things in time.

Frida World said...

Dear Annie, I like the sound of your spiritual advisor and hope that meeting brings you lots of blessing.