Friday, January 05, 2007

Things to do

I have to remind myself sometimes that this blog is not only a place for memories, poetry, photography, shared thoughts, etc. It is also a place where I can organize myself, write for myself, remind myself in a concrete way of what must be done to keep life moving forward. So, today will be an entry more for me than for anyone else to enjoy. Comment if you like but this is really just about trying to lasso in my chaotic thoughts and give it all some sort of order, a starting place, so to speak, an anchor.

Eight hours of my day are taken with work. I wake to thoughts of work and the necessities of work are very much in the midst of my Necessary Work. The weight of these necessities holds me back and much of it is just taking the time out to do it. But the weight of it holds me back. So, today I move forward and take care of two things - bank stuff and PERS.

Last night I threw away six things in the linen closet. I looked at this junk and thought "What was I thinking?" More tonight and every night until it is culled down to only that which I truly want. The rest somehow goes.

HEADS starts in a few minutes. I'll spend two hours on it today. ESO2 follows for two hours. Meeting list - two hours, Room use the remainder of the day. Work at it until all finished.

Necessary Work
Take money from F&M - Completed 1-7-07
$5K to WF, $25K to CD - Completed 1-7-07
Fill out final PERS paperwork -

call PERS for paperwork. Can't find originals. Bring mom's ss# to work tomorrow.
I called but have not received replacement paperwork yet as of 1-22-07
Clean out linen closet

Remove all old, never completed project and send to Good Will
HEADS - Completed 1-22-07

ESO2 - Completed for now 1-10-07
To Do items from yesterday's meeting - Completed
Room use and conflicts - Completed
Finish kitchen

I escape into light reading or crossword puzzles at night. There rarely seems to be the energy or desire or ability to focus on serious reading. Lord knows I have a stack of serious reading that I tackle from time to time but for me it seems to still be all about escape. Questions: What do I avoid by escaping? What would I achieve if I paid more attention to the serious reading?

Take Time for
Read Intro to Devote Life
Read There are No Accidents - Completed
Read Chesterton
Work on Smoke poem
Read Rosebud - in progress

Read Reading Lolita in Terhan - In progress
Read The Bookseller of Kabul - Completed
Read The Reluctant Tuscan - Completed
Read Improv Wisdom by Patricia Madson

Places to go. Things to see. The list is short but it speaks for itself. The list will grow but . . .

Immediate Dreams
Go to San Juan Bautista
Go to Placerville to meet up with Vicci, Biene, Maryellen, and Lisa
- Done Jan. 20th
See Lindsey Buckingham next Friday - didn't happen


paris parfait said...

Annie, I've been culling things from my clothes closets and everywhere else lately - taking coats, etc. to charity depository and throwing out old candles, etc. that are past their best. It feels freeing to let go of these things - and allows room to bring in more. :)

vicci said...

Lindsey Buckingham????? Cool! I love him!

AnnieElf said...


I read your blog, and it reminded me of the questions I ask myself so much. In the end, I do what you do, and backslide. I'm sending you a bucket of good intentions so that yours will last longer! I sometimes wonder why we think 'serious' reading is more important than 'frivolous escapeism.' They both work, and there are no tests after either one. When I consider that I can only remember a third of anything I read, I only read a third!!!!!!!!! LOL

Yeah, I'll do the laundry and change the sheets and set up the den for drawing, but you and I dream dreams, and that's where our life really is. We're dreamers, and thank God for it. Our dreams are varied and wonderful. So, go ahead and clean up those messes, and feel virtuous, but in the end, you've just made room to collect something else you really want at that moment. And life is so wonderful because you have a place to put them.

Lisa(oceandreamer) said...

hello, remember me? Reading your blog today brought home all the unattended chores that have taken a back burner. I look around my home and I swear you'd think we were ransacked. It is my aim to do just what you are doing....rid ourselves of the things simply taking up space. Make a new order, accomplish unfinished tasks and take time to read. My book stack grows at leaps and bounds...I agree with your friends email - re: both serious and escapism reading and there being no test for either. Although I find the serious reads require more concentration. There is definitely a satisfaction from putting a list out there...and checking it off one by one. Before you know it you are sitting back relaxed without it nagging the back of your mind. Wise woman...I've missed you.(sorry for the long comment)

AnnieElf said...

Hi Lisa, I love the long comment and am so happy to hear from you again. I know you have been going through a real life transition and wish you well. There is light at the far end of that tunnel. Hugs, Annie

Beth said...

OH,,I want to go see Lindsey Buckingham,,,do you have his new cd? Its awesome! I have loved him before he became part of Fleetwood Mac! I actually got to see Fleetwood Mac do their Rumors tour, 30 something years ago! Loved the post too,,excellent!

miss*R said...

san juan batista? where is that, it rings a bell - maybe I visited when I was over there. is it a mission?

AnnieElf said...
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AnnieElf said...

Yes, Miss R, it is a fabulous mission set in a little town full of antique shops, artsy places, etc. Remember the huge statue of the Indian out front? That would be it.