Friday, February 02, 2007

Ascender tagged me for Six Weird Things About Me

1. I love watching Japanese horror films.
They are so totally creepy.

2. I would like to take a cooking class with my husband. He doesn't cook and I hate to cook. WHY would I want to take a cooking class???? REALLY?

3. Everyone I know says travel to Hawaii, Bahamas, or Mexican Riviera is at the top of their list. ME? I would be in heaven if I could take an Antarctic cruise.

4. Winter beach vs. Summer beach. Hands down - give me a winter beach (see #3 for connection)

5. I love escargot.

6. I find it hard to finish things and then I completed The Artist's Way on my first go around. And in twelve weeks!! Go figure.


trailbee said...

#6-It's called priorities, Annie! I remember when you began this book and how excited you were.This was the jumping-off point for a lot of things for you.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

oh yes!! horror movies; love them. want to go see Messengers with me today? That is something I can't do alone!
I could understand the antarctic cruise; see those icebergs before global warming completely destroys them. (interesting about the winter beach tie in)
I never did finish artist way; so you got me beat there.

that was fun; thanks for playing!

Maryellen said...

What makes Japanese horror so different? Not that I think that is wierd, but there are 2 of these 6 that are wierd, and for me to say that, well, maybe they are, maybe they aren't. LOL The other 4 sound totally normal to me.

By the way, thanks for sending the box off to the cold lil kids.

Susie said...

Interesting list!
Snails are not my favorite, but my husband orders them on every cruise! (it's the only time he gets them)
I'll take the beach anytime of the year..
No horror films for me please, Japanese or otherwise!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I like the beach in winter sometimes...bundled in a sweater walking the beach barefoot - there is something very contemplative about that.

Naturegirl said...

Your # 3 and 5 are wIeRd for me!!hate cold and yuck escargot....shivering!

paris parfait said...

OK, you're not weird except for maybe the escargot - they're plentiful in Paris, but I can't bear the thought.

qualcosa di bello said...

i must be slightly weird too...though i would rather have warm weather, my youngest & i dream about taking a cruise to antartica & i, too, prefer the beach in winter (must be the solace it offers).

& ps...the french woman inside me just LOVES escargot!

UL said...

Japanese horror films and cooking :) I was cracking up because I am exactly the same, I hate horror but would watch it with one eye closed, I hate cooking but do it anyway! That was a fun read, thank you.