Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday Scribbles #45 - Good-Bye

I find myself in the midst of many good-byes and a whole new series of hellos at this point in my life. I have 59 years to look back on. Here are a few of my good-byes in no particular order of appearance in my life and the hellos that came of them

I've said good-bye to
My father over and over again when his ship was deployed.
Homes eight times in eight years.
An ill-conceived marriage
Harmful friendships
A controlling advisor
The psychological damage he caused
The first house we bought
To worklife - a very long and on-going good-bye
Fanciful dreams
Romance Novels
Religion in a box

On the flip side I have said hello to
Settled living
A good and enduring marriage
A few good and long-term friends
My counsel and only my good counsel
A long hello to approaching retirement
New fanciful dreams and making them reality
Serious books and books about life


Rosa said...

Looks like a good balance. Good for you. Nice post.

gautami tripathy said...

We all need this kind of balance in our life! Thanks for this "making me think" post!


Paris Parfait said...

I agree with Rosa's remark - balance is key and it's good to know you're making your dreams true.

Kamsin said...

Nice post. Good to balance the goodbyes, with the hellos.

Janet said...

I think balance is the key, too. And you seem to have that. Growing comes through a lot of hellos and good-byes and being able to choose which are which.

tongue in cheek said...

Annie, a great take on todays scribblings, leave it to you to find the balance and add the Hellos too!!

Tammy said...

Sound like you have learned alot from your goodbye's and the hellos showed that strength. HUGS

~Kathryn~ said...

oh i love the hello part of this - so nice to have the 'flipside' to the goodbyes

diana said...

I really love how you are striving for balance,peace and love for lifes transitions . It is so hard to be gentle with ourselves isnt it ?

Susie said...

Interesting posts. Although goodbyes are often hard, I think they can make many of the hellos that much sweeter!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

an interesting post... i forgot to mention it last time I was here; very thought provoking

Ally Bean said...

I like your lists and can relate to many of the items on them. Good-bye and hello. Yin and yang. It's all about both in the proper proportions.