Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good Things Treasure Chest - Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd

January 28 - Lots of busy work accomplished today. Especially good is getting Quanah and Erin's wedding favor materials ordered.

January 29th - Created a new blog today - INTERIOR DIALOGUES. Deborah ok'd my time off in March to go to Erin's bridal shower in Oregon.

January 30th - Nothing

January 31st - Nothing

February 1st - lunch with Kristina and Ali, two sweet young women with their lives before them. I chatted with Miss Robyn on Yahoo Messenger tonight. What a treat. Feeling a bit better (big mental crash Monday and Tuesday that all come pouring out today in a separate post). I need to pay attention to my grief. I've been ignoring it.

February 2nd -Did a lot of thinking today. Read four more pages of Benedict's encyclical.

February 3rd - Coffee this morning at House of Java. With some marathon reading, I finished Benedict's encyclical. Much to reflect upon. Huge shopping success at Target. Lots of underwear for the kids in Afghanistan. Found the next book to read after I finish Reading Lolita in Tehran - Sidney Poitier's Measure of a Man.


tongue in cheek said...

Honor your grief.

You do so much for others, and I admire that!

I can't wait to hear what you think about the two books you listed.

Star said...

I think your weekly reviews make a good point: we can try to find the good in each day, but there will be days that leave us perplexed and needing a leg up.

Sending you a hug. If your spirits are low when it arrives I hope it helps to know that you are not alone, and if you are on top of the world I will be happy to share in the celebration.