Monday, February 26, 2007

Update on Woolies for Frida

The boxes are out and now it is all about waiting. Frida is back (as I'm sure many of you know) and I wrote for possible information of box arrivals. I knew it would take a while but the lesson in WAITING is still very much in effect. So I patiently wait and with Frida's permission, share this email from her with all of you.



Dear Annie,

Of course the waiting is hard - we get so used to mail taking months and months over here that I forget to even think about things coming, which makes it a lovely suprise when they do.

The phones are not working at the moment so I will email Julija and if I can't get hold of her that way I will be travelling to Ghor next week - yippee!!!

Thanks again for all this and you may be pleased to know (in a strange and slightly upside down way) that the cold has returned for a bit longer than expected so the woollens are still going to be very welcome and well used before the end of this winter.

Lots of warm wishes and pleas for patience with our slow systems over here,



paris parfait said...

That's the thing about that part of the world - nothing moves quickly. But all being well, they will eventually arrive - if not in time for this winter, then for next. xo

diana said...

there are so many lessons and blessings in this small excange with anoter part of the world. So glad to hear the latest on this annie. Thank you so much for including us in this journey. xoxo

tongue in cheek said...

The circle grows closer to complete. The need, the response, the gathering, and sending, the going towards....

I look forward to seeing the children with their gift on!
Thanks Annie for keeping us up to date.

Rethabile said...

Bravo, my friend. I don't know how wonderful you think your action is, but don't underestimate it.

stephanie said...

Glad I checked in on you to see this update.

Thank you dear for this wonderful act.


Frida World said...

Hi again lovely Annie and friends,

Well -

The bad news, I've not been able to get through by phone or email to Ghor this week. So I don't know what has arrived yet.

The good news, we still have an air mission going up on Monday.

The bad news, I've just been told I can't go on this mission (I have to be Officer in Charge down here). I am incredibly sad about missing this trip.

The good news, my fabulous colleague is going and everything is very, very safe in her hands.

The bad news, we've had a late cold snap. We had ice, hail and snow here in Herat which translates to a massive dump of snow in Ghor.

The good news, the woollens are likely to arrive in time to still make a difference this year, as well as next year.

The lesson - there is very little we can control about the outcomes. What matters, always, is the intention we start with and the actions we take based on that intention.

I'm learning to let go, without giving up!