Monday, March 05, 2007

It's A Monday

The weekend FLEW passed me. All of the Saturday tasks were accomplished. I made progress on Q and Erin's weddings favors on Sunday. The kitchen was ignored. The Grand Canyon in my mind that exists between knowing what I need to do and DOING what I need to do is pretty GRAND. So far I've been able to discover only the occasional temporary bridge that crosses to the other side.

Good news on the home front. Krista starts a new job in two weeks. She got a phone call last week completely out of the blue. She had left an application at a large medical office a couple of months ago and then didn't hear anything from them. Then this past Wednesday she got a call for a medical assisting interview. Friday she interviewed and less than an hour after she left the interview she was called with an offer. Here are the STATS:

Current job - 28 hours/week, $7.50/hour, no benefits

New job - FT hours, $9-10/hour/full benefits in 6 months (or a raise - her choice). Can you say BENEFITS???

I am thrilled for her. Not only will she work primarily for one doctor in the clinic but she will eventually have the opportunity of working in surgery with the plastic surgeon who is also on staff. Krista is focused on Dental Hygiene for future school but this could open a whole new world of possibilities for her.

The Road to Willows

I talked with Corey last night and even though our extended visit has been delayed to July, we DID come up with a Plan B. I love Plan B's. Don't you? Friday around 3:30 a.m. Don, Kris, and I will leave for the long drive up to Forest Grove (near Portland). We pass right by the Willows exit a farming community (population 5,000) and Corey's home that is just large enough to support one Starbucks. Plan B - meet up at Starbucks just off of Interstate 5 around 7 a.m. for a 30 minutes meet and greet and sharing of hugs and hellos. I can hardly wait. Pictures forthcoming next week. Corey will probably get hers up first since we won't be home until the following Monday and we will be doing a lot of sleeping that day.

I have a boatload of work on my desk. Time to leave this break. Perhaps more later. Wishing everyone a great week.


Star said...

How cool is that!? Hope the two of you can a fit a lot into 30 minutes ;-)

paris parfait said...

Wonderful news about Krista's job! And have fun chatting with Corey. As for the list of things that need to be done and bridging the gap of getting them done - a very familiar story these days! I have a two-week deadline before guests start arriving (virtually non-stop from the last week of March through April 18th). Good luck with it all! xo

Susie said...

Hi Annie,
Hope you're having gorgeous weather like we are! Feels like spring..
Such good news about your daughter's new job. Benefits are what it's all about these days...

miss*R said...

it is always such a good feeling when our children's lives are going along perfectly - we can sigh and relax.. xoxo

trailbee said...

Never say your life is dull! Great news for Krista and great Plan B.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am so happy for Krista - she's such a sweet girl they will be lucky to have her!
As for bridging the knowing and actual doing of tasks...I'm still working on that myself! eek!(I'm not a good bridge builder these days)
I am SO happy you and Corey will have a few moments to meet and hug. Sometimes it's quality not quantity!
That's a long drive to Portland, we've done it many times - a good 12 hours - good thing a lot of it is lovely scenery.

Gypsy Purple said...

Lots of great news on your blog today!!!

Stephanie said...

so happy for your daughters good job fortune. Mine is trying to land an internship in prep for the real world next year!!