Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Purple Gypsey was noting changes in her style recently and the changes seemed to apply to improved self-understanding. I understand this feeling completely.

My closet started evolving four months ago.
Looking back, it seems like I was always looking to the opinions of others
even if the asking was only in my head.
Now I'm starting to seek my opinion only and stand up for myself
when faced with criticism.
It's a hard habit to break.
It's an even harder art to achieve.
I am beginning to like my closet better.

I don't think I'm talking solely about style anymore.


Ali la Loca said...

You go, girl!

Standing up for yourself is one of the hardest lessons ever to put into practice. I'm not surprised you are feeling great about your newfound style these days.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

such a cool photo. looks almost alien like

Kara said...

Stand tall Annie! Love the photo!

Star said...

Yup. I'm seeking my own "style" too.

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh thank you, thank you ...for being WITH me in this....I realise today that so many of us is going through this.......and yes you`re right...It`s much, much more that style!!!!
We need to meet for coffee....virtual??

Tammy said...

You go Annie! HUG

Beth said...

Oh how cool, I definetly can relate to this post. I have been doing some soul searching lately while I play with my flowers. And that post makes me think even more.
Thanks Annie! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, my world has been in my yard when I am not working. Your in my thoughts!

Deb L said...

"Growing pains" aren't called "pains" for nothing I guess - lol! Lovely words about coming into one's own. XOX Deb

Anonymous said...

My style is hippie clothes....always.
Whether it's in style or not, I'm simply not comfortable in anything but flowing cotton tops with embroidery or little beads on them
Jeans or bohemian skirts to the floor.
Great post! And LOVE the pic!

diana said...

great great pictue ms annie.... great post... as for me... my closet is a bit sparse at this point . xoxo

Gypsy Purple said...

May you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter

miss*R said...

funny that you should mention this - I too seem to be going through some kind of change - I feel alot more settled, which is good, right?
there is a wonderful bach flower remedy for those of us who look to others for opinions.. I take it regularly, maybe that is what is helping me
blessings & much love to you at easter xo

paris parfait said...

I've recently given some clothes to charity, because they don't suit me anymore - as you said, evolving style, evolving everything. xo

david santos said...

Very, very nice. thank you
have a good weekend

SiouxSue said...

Good for you, Annie! You have to stand up for yourself or no one else will.

Hope you Holy Week is blessed and your Easter glorious.

Naturegirl said...

I feel we grow wiser with age and my poochy midriff gives me wisdom!
Instead of a golden blonde that I maintained for years with the help of a colorist I am mostly a ~silver fox~ now!
100 percent chemical free!I feel liberated!!hugs Ng
Happy Easter Annie!

Frida said...

Yah for you, nothing better than find the space to be comfortable in our own skin