Monday, April 02, 2007

An Update from Frida and Hats for Kids

Frida wrote to me this morning and is feeling very badly that the last piece of the Hats for Kids project isn't coming together as expected. The boxes have been in Ghor with Julija for a month now, and they still have not been distributed. Frida has made several polite reminders, and asked what she could do to help but apparently not much from a distance.

We know how personally and how deeply to heart Frida takes her work and its success. Please, all of you, drop a note to Frida assuring her of our faith in and gratitude for her efforts. Let her know that we understand that the logistics of such actions are not always achieved in the straight line that we are so used to in our much cozier and more organized world.

Magnea, a secondary contact, left Ghor last week and before she left she was told that they had sorted all the boxes into different sizes so that things could be distributed easily (you bring the children out in ages groups). She was also told that they have told the orphanage director to expect them. The orphanage moved locations this month (which is a GOOD thing, in the old location they didn't have running hot water) and that seems to have been part of the delay. Also there has been a rotation of most of the team at the Lithuanian base, which is another part of the delay.

Frida is very wary of sounding critical as they agreed to help on top of everything else they are doing but she feel really bad for me and all the others who went to such an effort to get these here in time for this winter.

She thinks that the winter is pretty much over now. But it remains cold up in the mountains of Ghor through June, so she has been told, since she was in Kabul last year. So there will still be time for the children to get goodness from the woolens if they are distributed soon. However, she is sure the woolens will be treasured and kept safe for next winter. Based on my readings of life in Afghanistan, I believe this to be true.

These delays and her disappointment has been wrecking havoc with her conscience and her sleep patterns! So she has written to them again today with another gentle reminder and copied it to another new person on the base, a really cool guy who seems to be fairly “get things done". She has great hopes that he might help move things along.

Remember, please, all of you, drop a note to Frida assuring her of our faith and lend her the emotional support she so clearly needs.


Ally Bean said...

I'm so proud of Frida for even trying to arrange this good thing. And you too, AnnieElf. Still, like you reasoned, there are always potholes along the road to success.

Being a pragmatist at heart, I have to believe that even if the hats aren't used this year, there's always next year.

Jone said...

How do you drop Frida a note. I will.

Carmen said...

I will, Thank you and great job on the Sunday scribblings, I love that site so much! I am so glad you are part of it.

miss*R said...

I will keep this in my daily devotions.. thankyou Annie for bringing my awareness to this xo

LisaOceandreamer said...

What is the link to Frida? I am so sorry I didn't respond to your email.
The whole idea of Hats for Kids still happened, people came together under your guidance and perseverance and wallet to get the boxes shipped. In an endeavor such as this there are bound to be glitches in the process and no one can be blamed for them. Frida's amazing forethought about the needed woolies is inspiring and look how far it has gone. If, in fact, the woolies aren't used now they WILL be and will make a child warmer for having them even if it is next year. Without her voicing the need they wouldn't even have THOSE - she should not lose a moment of sleep for her heart was in just the right place.

SiouxSue said...

I will write Frida now. Thanks for the update.

stephanie said...

Annie, thank you for this update and I will write to Frida. You are right that we take so much for granted here. You want something to happen, you put things in place and they happen. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Frida to be so committed to helping and that every step is such a huge, cumbersome effort.
Thanks again for your committment!!

One Crabapple said...

Thank you Annie.

Poor Frida !

Of course we understand !

I will post her a note too.

Love, S.

paris parfait said...

Ah, this is the way of the world - things rarely move at the pace we'd like. But eventually those children will benefit from efforts by you, Frida and all those who contributed clothing and/or funds for the orphans.

Naturegirl said...

Thank you for making me aware of this situation! I shall drop Frida encouragement and gratitude for her efforts.Wishing you a very Happy Easter!hugs NG