Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Few Pictures from Frida

Though she isn't identified, Frida indicated in a note that a young woman named Heidi (in Ghor) distributed the woolies. I believe then that this must be Heidi.

For some reason, this young fella totally charmed me.

Boys are the same all over the world aren't they?

The girls, on the other hand, were very reserved in their picture. They look sad but Frida indicated that is partly because they are unsure of and uncomfortable with the cameras. Of course it is also because their lives are tough and they are in fact sad and tired and old beyond their years.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to see. You did good here.

Mary Timme said...

Just read your other post about the bad dreams and wanted to comment on that as well. One of my beliefs is that bad dreams are the result of having problems we couldn't handle to a firm resolution during daylight hours in our past, get worked out in our dreams. The worst ones I've had woke me up as I heard someone crying and the person crying was me. My intent on waking had been to give them comfort, but my horror was that I was the one needing comfort, and all that anguish I'd heard, all the desperation, was me. I also believe that all losses must be mourned, including giving up our comfort responses, which is what I do with food. It is my comfort response. It sounds like you are doing a lot at once and that is the way life is. Be kind to yourself by realizing you are worth it...even if you have to dream it.

The girls may also look sad and afraid in the picture, because they know from the day they are born that they aren't as 'valuable' as if they'd been born a boy. Male entitlement is something that has always fascinated me, as they have so little reason to feel that way, and have done away with reasoning and made over half the world's population (females) feel less valuable. It is an amazing fact. Of course this is an assumption on my part, as I'm being clued by the clothing and architecture of the region. And we all know what assuming makes me!

Wanda said...

The pictures tug at my heart, and Mary your words speak for me too.

...your peaceful

Susie said...

Glad that the hats brought some measure of pleasure and comfort to both the boys and girls. They certainly deserve it..

Tammy said...

How exciting to know you were part of that gift journey.

I hope your baby heals quickly! BIG HUG

paris parfait said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, Annie. Yes, these kids are wise beyond their years, as are most of the children in Afghanistan, Iraq and African countries currently embroiled in conflict. Heartbreaking, really. We are all so lucky to be born in the West and enjoy the privileges around us. xo

tongue in cheek said...

Your heart wears a crown.

Annie said...

What a gift you and the others have given. It's a beautiful thing to have done.