Monday, April 30, 2007

Nutz and Stuff

Have you ever experienced a one step forward, two steps back sort of weekend? Well, that was my weekend. Friday night didn't end for me until 4 a.m. in the freaking morning. Krista's viral infection turned into a full blown allergic reaction to all the meds she was taking. The poor girl ended up looking like a female version of The Thing from Fantastic Four with the mood to match. After two calls to the on-call doctor, stopping of meds and two late night runs to the store for various soothers, (one step / two step - the first) we finally gave up and headed for the ER. The meds for the hives kicked in fast but even today she is still red, if not welty. She saw our family doctor earlier today and I suppose I'll hear about the results of that tonight.

Gus, the family cat, he of the amputated ear, got clearance to head outside again. I'm thinking of putting sunblock on his ears to avoid future skin cancers. With my luck, it will make him sick from fussing with it and licking it off his paws so I guess that is not a great idea. It took two trips to the vet to get the stitches out (90 minute lunch and I arrived 10 minutes into it). Another one step / two step moment.

Don continues to come back from the cataract surgery. He read an entire book this weekend without glasses. I think I am seriously jealously.

And me. Well, I was a crocheting fool this weekend. I met up with Wendy at Borders for the first time. Yes, Tammy and Biene and MaryEllen and Lisa and Cory and Vicci, etc. etc. I managed another meet-up. Wendy is a young woman who knits, crochets, and teaches. She is building a local fiber group and I have managed to get myself in it at the ground floor. Nice gal with two little girls. She was a terrific help and pointed me in the right direction away from some bad habits. I'm crocheting has improved already. No pictures but we meet again in a month so I'll try for them then.

Finally, the weekend is ending. I haven't gotten to Mass yet so at 5:45 I'm heading out the door. I arrive to an overflowing parking lot. Turns out 6 pm Mass was a 4:30 Confirmation Mass this week. Okay, God, I know it is all about intent so I know I won't be in hot water if I actually miss Mass this week. However, here in town we have another parish with one LATE Mass that starts at 6:45 pm. So, falling into my third one step / two step of the weekend, I head home, kick my feet up, head out again 30 minutes later and get home after 8 pm.

The bathroom still needs to be cleaned. This week's laundry is still in a pile. But I sure learned how to perfect my Two Step. So . . . how was YOUR weekend?


dwjeffries said...

I think you meant to say that I read the book WITHOUT glasses. :)

AnnieElf said...

Oops, yep. All fixed. Thanks for the catch.

AnnieElf said...

Sometimes Blogger is very annoying and won't let someone in for comments. Jenny from Cyber in a Bottle won't me and I'm posting her nice note here for her. Surprise Jenny.

For some reason I couldn't get in to leave a message on your posting today so thought I'd email anyway. Your weekend sounds horrendous and I am sure you were exhausted today after all you went through. It sounds as though the people you have been so concerned about are responding well and hopefully all are on the mend now. And I know that you know that is the most important thing - laundry and other stuff will wait. The angel took care of you though the serious things and although we have just met, I can't help but think you have the strength to get through whatever lies ahead.

I know there is some sunscreen safe for animals ... perhaps your vet knows. I will check and see if I can find out what it is. I know Burt's Bees is often recommended for mosquito protection.

Check my blog today if you like Patricia Cornwell - I am having a draw for a book in 24 hours!!

Thinking of you and wishing you a much better week ahead!

Susie said...

Hi Annie,
It was Confirmation and First Communion this last week here too. They did them apart from regular Mass which was very meaningful.
Hope your week goes easier and more peacefully!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Poor Krista! and I know it's all be a whirl for you too....somehow regardless of all the stepping forward and back you did this weekend I sense your inner resolve. To me you are like a cat, you always land on your feet. The bathroom and laundry can wait dear Annie, make sure to take some time to sit out the dance when you can!
I'm so happy you're enjoying getting back in to crochet. I've been reading your blog all along, sorry I haven't left comments..sometimes as you can see I get rather long winded.
Thinking of you!

Naturegirl said...

I am just back from my trip and playing catch up on the PC.Lisa is right make time to dance!In looking back at some of your posts I smiled looking at the children with their hats & mitts! hugs NG

Jone said...

I feel for you. My weekend was not like that but I have had them. The weekends when you go back to work totally unrefreshed. I hope your week goes well.

tash said...

I'm sorry your weekend wasn't an ideal one - I hope your week is much better. My weekends are always in two parts, because I work on Sunday, so it's usually a bit hectic on Saturday and even more hectic on Sunday, but last weekend we spent Saturday in the garden which was lovely.

Mary Timme said...

My weekend was hectic, but I finished all my obligations for that time being and that was good. I remember my son being allergic to ear drops and then developing and allergy to Clariol Herbal Essence shampoo all within 2 weeks. He had to go on cortisone twice and was in a growth spurt so we had to watch him rally carefully for a long while after that. The poor kid has swollen, welty, red inflamed ears for 48 hours. It was hard. You've had a weekend unlike many others. I know it will be better soon.

paris parfait said...

So sorry about Krista's allergies. Hope she's feeling much better by now. Sounds like you had an incredibly busy weekend!