Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Laughing through my Tuesday

Just came back from a walk with Biene. It was a good 20 minutes and I felt a little sweat building up. Bringing my walking shoes and some socks with me to school tomorrow to leave here. Why didn't I think of that sooner. If they are just going to sit in the closet, they might as well site HERE where there is a chance that they wil lactually be used. We have a plan of building my endurance up so that I can walk to Michael's during lunch with her. That will be a bit of a trek for me at this point but entirely do-able. Why oh why did I have to decide to do this at the beginning of hot weather??? Oh well. Now that I've committed to Biene, no way will she let me get away without doing it at least ONCE. That would be her German coming out.

1:45 and post-lunch
Biene and I hung out in the Mainstage lobby in the theatre department and laughed our way through the lunch hour chatting and crocheting. Well, I crocheted; she studied my crochet book and knitter that she is, she brought an informed eye to the differences in the two arts. We solved none of the world's problems but did find a bit of relief from private sadnesses, things we don't have any control over but nevertheless effect our daily life when thoughts become too hard to bare. All in all a very good lunch hour not overladden with calories and very full of the dessert of friendship.

What do you do when thoughts are too much and laughter is hard to find?


paris parfait said...

So glad you had fun at lunchtime - laughing, chatting and crocheting sounds like a much-needed change of pace.

Beth said...

I am glad you are getting to hang with your dear friend and walking too. I have been slacking on the walking lately. Most of my thoughts are hard and sometimes laughter is far away. But other days I can smile and push the thoughts away.
Hugs to Annie!!!

trailbee said...

Fun.T/A sat around corner with ptop.I hope we were discreet.:)

turquoise cro said...

I was going to email YOU Annie last week but didn't and now I seeeee I should have! I'm sorry YOU are so sad! I'm GLAD to seeeeeeeeeeeeee someone is busy walking! I want to walk more and lose this weight of mine but the last 3 days has been not too good in the exercising department! Thanks! for inspiring me to get back with it!!! xoCinda