Friday, May 04, 2007

Being quiet and other things

This has been a rough week at work. Boy has it been rough. I'm so glad it is Friday. It has also been quiet battle time for me in the weight loss struggle department. Third weeks are always a tough time for me and it doesn't help that I'm still nurturing the habit of daily walks (not there yet) and not being a slave to the bathroom scale.

But - I've been quietly battling through this third week. I've kept my focus almost entirely on this and managed to walk 2.5 time between M and Th. The .5 was a delivery between one building and another - 6 minutes but more than I usually do since I leave the running around to my student assistant. And why you may ask? On Tuesday when Pah was here last I had her running all over campus for two hours. That is two hours of work at my desk that I can't afford to be away from. Considering the pleasant weather earlier this week, it would have been nice to do this even at an amble.

Oh, and ambling. That is another habit I'm working on changing. Walking is becoming purposeful. No books with me to read as I walk. YES, I do DO that. Walking is becoming about breathing and keeping my head up and taking in the world around me.

AND NOW - Other Things

Ret over at Poefrika tagged me for what I consider to be a really serious MeMe. It's called the Great Imperative. Considering driving forces, recent death, and rapid changes in my life, I would say the Great Imperative in my life has been doing one heck of a shift. I'm giving this MeMe the time it deserves and will be working on it over the weekend to post in the next few days. You all might start thinking about the Great Imperative in your life. You might get tagged.

Later in the morning

I walked as I promised. Rushed would be a better description. Have more running around to do and 20 minutes at lunch for formal walking. It's lightly raining but I have an umbrella . I love walking in a light rain. I walked again during lunch, around the lake. Walking here is so peaceful. I had my book with me but kept it in my pocket and walked with my head up enjoying the peace.

Walking in the light drizzle was
like walking in a cloud.


Wanda said...

Annie: So sorry I haven't commented for a while...but I do read you every day....and follow your progress..Will continue to lift you up in my thoughts and prayers on your journey to healthiness. I'm on that journey too.

Clare said...

I love walking in light rain too, as long as I am prepared for it.

I hope you keep up the walking!

Susie said...

We'll be walking in light rain here too. Keep on doing it, soon you'll look on it as an essential part of your day!!

turquoise cro said...

Phew! Wish I could post I've been walking! Supposed to though, later today!!! I don't do meme's so YOU can tag someone who might just in case you were thinking of me! Keep up the sweet peaceful walking!!!YOU are inspiring me! Happy Week-end sweetie! xoCinda

Bimbimbie said...

Good on you Annie! There's nothing nicer then to walk and be with yourself. Just the sound of your footsteps and breathing as you soak in the world around you. Even better in the rain *!* Next week will be a walkover ... sorry had to say it ;)

Rethabile said...

It's a serious meme, Annie, and you're right to give it time to collect its thoughts. Have a good weekend.

Autrice DelDrago said...

Forget the scale and get out the ribbon tape measure - inches lost also mean progress gained!

Good luck on your walking.

lila said...

Still enjoying your beautiful music...I bet it would be wonderful to walk peaceful, but it moves you forward!
I have been trying to avoid sugar and white flour...infact most gluten products...I feel better then! My walking is limited until my foot heals...just tendonitis, I think. (I have to walk a lot and never get to sit at my job...but it is part-time!..I'm off until my foot can take it again!)

Naturegirl said...

Hi annie I have been busy with garden season finally here in my part of the world so blogging is a last priority so here I am finally catching up. Oh you go girl with the walking..we are all in the same boat..winter does cause me to hibernate so getting out walking in the warm sunshine and taking time to breathe and take in the world around me is just what the
heart and soul need! Memes and tags are fun at times but during garden season far too much of an imposition.Thinking about plants and birds and bees and color much more of a priority. Keep on walking.hugs NG

paris parfait said...

Glad you're enjoying your walks - HOW can you walk and read at the same time? :) I'm working on the same meme as you; will post later this week when I'm back from London. xo

SiouxSue said...

Oh, Annie, how I hate to walk. And now I have to watch where I walk or I fall. Man, weight loss is the pits and a constant companion...ugh.

Yesterday, while in Middle Tennessee, we found a safe that belongs to the Anglican Communion Network, and it was such a joy to worship with them. The week before we said Morning Prayer, and did not go to church as there was only a female cleryperson...what are we supposed to call them? any of the churches we were close to. We will be home by Wednesday..after a blowout today...and I have a vestry meeting that night. You might be interested that Anglican missionary diocese from Nigeria...just installed a bishop against the Episcopal primatist's wishes. It is interesting that now we faithful are being a mission for African churches...what goes around comes around.

God bless you...hope this week is much better.

Love ya!!

Jone said...

I am inspired by this post. To walk more, to not eat flour, sugar.The 'great imperative"? I have not seen this mem. Will look to read yours. Have a wonderful day today.

Kim said...

Oh, I love this post. Your walk through the rain sounds so peaceful.


tongue in cheek said...

Walking in the rain with the one you love...yourself. The healing beauty of water.