Friday, July 06, 2007

It's all in the pour

There's a feather in my coffee
It's all in the pour.
Too pretty to sip
It's all in the pour.

Desire wins out.
It's all in the pour.

Sipping technique develops.
It's all in the pour.

Bottom's up
It's all in the pour.

There's a feather in my coffee.
It's all in the pour.


Wanda said... it's all in the pour!!!
Felly inter-vest-ing!!!

Bimbimbie said...

... well done that man *!*

PEA said...

How awesome is that cup of coffee?? Any idea how that's done? I wish I would have been at that coffee shop also to see the young man's reaction to getting a free cup of coffee:-) We get just as much pleasure doing that for someone, don't we!! xox

Lee-ann said...

O! Annie I love your coffee, You would simply think a sign had been given that an angel is watching your day!

My little coffee shop gives a lovely Heart design on top of our coffee and it always makes me feel so warm inside in more then one way! :)

I loved your trinity of goodwill and must one day tell my daughters story on this very subject.

love being back to visit you today.

Carmen said...

mmm... I smell it...
Thank you sweet Annie!

paris parfait said...

How lovely and unexpected! xo