Saturday, July 07, 2007

Paying it forward can backfire

After posting my pay it forward post, a friend sent me an email recounting this funny story. It just goes to show that you just can't please some people. Here goes.

"After reading your post, my mind drifted off into the past and two little happening jumped into my head. One was as a family group my little brother who was about 5/6 pointed and laughed at an old "tramp" who was going through the litter bins in search of something to eat. Dad pulled us three kids into a huddle and told us never to do that again, and that that man could be just like him with children and family who love him but for whatever reason he can't be with them - anyway it left a lasting memory with us, (thanks dad).

The other time was when I was walking to work with a friend - hadn't been in Australia very long and was feeling a little homesick. We had picked up our morning coffees and were heading for the office when I passed a "tramp" sitting on the ground he was coughing and rubbing his hands to keep warm. My friend began to walk a little faster to get past him when that image of my dad telling us kids came into my head. So I gave him my coffee, got a smile and thanks love .... and then I heard ugh! coffee! I prefer tea in the morning! LOL

Like I said - sometimes a good turn can backfire on you. No doubt this is where the phrase "It's the thought that counts" comes from. LOL

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