Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Second Reason for a Trip to Portland

There are two reasons to go to Portland Oregon. First and foremost, to visit Powell's Books. The other primary reason for visiting is to go to The Grotto. This 62 acres botanical park and retreat center is like nowhere else I have ever been to. Visitors may enter troubled but they will leave calmed and at peace. I hope, if you are troubled now, that you will enjoy the bit of peace that follows here.


St. Bernadette

The view from above


St. Joseph


Rose Garden

Our Lady

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Light


Julie Marie said...

Thank you for this, my friend. I wish I could have been along.

I am not troubled today but it was good anyway.

P. S. I am off to see a man about a tattoo this afternoon! Not to actually get one today, but to show him my design, check out pricing, his studio, etc. I am not totally committed to this, but getting closer.


Bimbimbie said...

Your photos have me imagining visitors checking in their voice boxes at the gate. Looks like a wonderful place to simply be. *!*

tash said...

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. I hear Portland is a really nice place to visit and that Oregon has some amazing beaches (?).

Mary Timme said...

I had to chuckle over the post about "Paying it forward" backfiring. I bet we've all had those things happen too, but what a wise and wonderful lesson from the Dad.

The grotto was beautiful. Do you know how I can enlarge the print with the waterfall feature or the one with the shamrocks? I need photos and/or drawing for a design workshop in August and would love to use those if it is okay with you.

The trip was lovely. I enjoyed my time being at peace.

Susie said...

Your photos brought back beautiful reminders of our visit there!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Oh, that is beautiful. If we go to Portland, The Grotto is on our list. How lovely it would be to sit a retreat there!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Seeing your photos brought back being there with my parents and our dear family friends when I was a child.
When we get to Portland the bookstore is definitely on our list and so is Saturday Market....if we have the time we may stroll the grotto and absorb some of that peace.

miss*R said...

beautiful - there is nothing as good for the soul as spending time in a gorgeous garden. Miracles and magick happen in places like these xoox

Carmen said...

Very interesting! I want to go too!
Did I just read about Julie Marie and a tattoo? am I the only chicken now? LOL

paris parfait said...

That looks like such a beautiful place! Thanks for posting these photos - must visit next time I'm in Portland. xo

Beth said...

I have only been in Oregon for 30 minutes and I was in a plane for a lay over before I flew into Spokane. But it is so similar to Washington. I couldn't believe how beautiful the roses are up that way, make mine look pitiful. Those were some amazing pictures that you took!

colleen said...

After Portland go to Ireland for even more of these wonders.