Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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I haven't talked about it much here but I've been actively working towards being a healthier me. That means losing quite a lot of weight. I started last March and have managed to lose 20 lbs. After the wedding in June, I lost 3 more and then found myself in the midst of a typical 12th week struggle.

I have a lot of benchmarks for weight loss - get through the first three days, three weeks, three months, the first nine pounds. I managed to get through all of them this time though the 12 weeker was a bitch. I finally just gave myself permission to take time off and promptly put on 5 pounds.

But Monday I started up again with brand new resolve and it has been like the first week of Jenny back in March. I am feeling wonderful. Four of the five pounds are gone but I won't let that fool me. Initial weight loss at any stage is always fast and encouraging. Even taking a week off, giving the will and the body a rest seems to be just enough to shake things loose fast.

My sister wrote to me this morning and made this interesting comment:

New beginnings are invigorating! Renewal. Fresh. Instead of setting weight goals, why not trying setting time goals for yourself. As you have stated, 12 weeks is a critical point for you. So .... keep the faith for 12 weeks; take a 1-2 week break; start, renewed, another 12 week cycle. The game now becomes time not a number on the scale. Maybe that's a better game for you.

I think this is a brilliant insight for me and I'm going to use it for a while. Considering the amount of weight that needs to go and the time commitment involved, not to mention the challenge of the discipline of exercise, the time game, not the numbers game, would be a good switch for me. So, with renewed resolved - I am now committed to a time period of seven days (to August 8th) Then I will be in Willows visiting with Corey on the 9th and 10th. I don't plan to take the two days off, by any means. I simply use the 8th as an end date where nothing is happening that will give me extra challenges. Once there, I will move on to my next time goal.


Anonymous said...

I like your plan. It focuses you on what you do naturally and lets the weight come off in its own good time. Yeah you for perservering and succeeding.

Star said...

I agree; this is an excellent change of pace, and who can't use a change of pace now and then. Wishing I could ride along in your pocket to see Corey; a finer lady could not be found.

nonizamboni said...

Your sister's advice is well taken and I wish you all the best. Its such a tough road, as I well know, but it seems that small increments do work the best.
'time not a number on the scale' wise words.
Take good care.

Naturegirl said...

I have also started a diet today.. have a goal and hope to reach it by Oct. 31...I have realized that meal planning so crutial and portion size!
Scales tell alot but I feel the way my clothes fit tell me more! Best of luck and HURRAH for your success
already!!!! WOO HOO!! hugs NG

miss*R said...

I went back to weight watchers last night.. I have put about 4kilos on over winter. I tend to eat when I am cold and when I am grieving.

I love your sisters wisdom!

Wanda said...

Good Plan Annie! I'm back from LA and sure missed checking on all of you while I was gone...will take a little time to catch up!

Just are moving forward...right now it may feel like a slow moving train!!! Amtrak is coming!!!

trailbee said...


PEA said...

What your sister said makes a lot of sense and it might just be the thing you need to keep you going:-) I'm so proud of you for already losing so much weight and I wish you the very best of luck in losing more. xoxo

lila said...

You have done so well!!!
Being healthy is a wonderful goal.
Enjoy you visit with Corey!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck to you.

paris parfait said...

Annie, it sounds like a good plan for you. You're to be commended for sticking to your goals and taking better care of yourself. I'm trying to do the same. And enjoy your visit with Corey! xo

Kim said...

I love your statement that you're working toward a "healthier" you. And your sister sounds like a very wise soul. ;)

One Crabapple said...

First of all , congrats on losing that first twenty three ( was it ?) pounds !

Second, I really got insight with what your sister wrote and am about to approach some other things I have going on differently. Thank you for sharing that and Isn't She Smart ???

Good Luck Annie-Girl ! sounds like you are off to a good second semester start !

Love, S.